Just Bee – 2014

I’m doing some Soul Searching right now.

So, I’m looking for suggestions on where to take this blog? It appears that what I’m doing isn’t really appealing to folks very much? I’m not attracting the number of followers, and my current followers don’t appear to be sharing this blog with their friends and contacts very much? While this blog was always about just giving an avenue to display the images I create, in an effort to generate business for my photography. None of that is happening right now, and I’d like to find out how I can make that happen? So, I’m cutting back on the number of posts I create each week. Until I can figure out what direction this blog is going, I’m planning to step back just a little bit while that is happening. I will continue to post some of my favorite images in a theme about once a week. Hopefully that will still generate interest in visiting this blog.

This week’s post features some of my favorite images of bees that I’ve found over this past Summer. I take a lot of images of flowers to maintain my 2 Quote A Flower blog. While taking images of flowers, one is bound to come across a bee or two. These are my favorites from over the Summer of 2014.

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4 replies to “Just Bee – 2014

  1. I would like just to speak frankly; cutting back on post won’t make people come but run away, regular posting is so important.
    I had a similar crisis of confidence in my blog at the end of last year. I am not saying my blog is big but I am getting more regular views and hits. Be precise about what photography you do and stick to it, jack of all trades master of none, this will go for business.
    Redesign your blog template, Photography is a visual medium and people go to see pictures. Interact in the wp photography community – there maybe a lot of bad stuff out there – like comment and share others work. Also engage on social media and find the best one for you.
    All the best for the future


  2. Don’t give up. I agree with Ben. Interaction is the key. Think of your blog as a party. If you don’t tell anyone where it’s happening or send any invitations then it will be very lonely. If everyone only writes a blog there will be no readers. If you read you will meet people and they may come looking.


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