Columbia River Gorge National Recreation Area

Happy Labor Day, despite it being Labor Day in the US, I wanted to work long enough to create a post here.

I want to share with you a story with this week’s post. The story is of Memaloose Island in the Columbia River and the Columbia River Gorge. There once were several islands dotted along the Columbia River, until the Bonneville Dam got built proceeding to flood this area. Now all that is seen is one small island with a grave marker. The marker is for a pioneer named Victor Trevitt, who wanted to be buried with his “Indian Friends.” The name of the island, Memsloose, roughly translates to Land of the Dead, through the local Chinook language. The local natives at one time ‘sent’ their dead to the islands along this part of the Columbia River. During the mid 1900s the US Army Corps removed over 600 native burial sites leaving the one for Victor Trevitt. So, now not only are there no known native burial sites on this island, but also, there is the burial site of one lone white man.  A little bit insulting if you ask me?

We are very fortunate to have a land feature such as the Columbia River Gorge, the scenery is exceptional. And along this particular part of this mighty river, some folks would call it the beginning, others, the end? Between Hood River and The Dalles, specifically at Catherine Creek on the Washington side of the river. In the first image, Memaloose Island can be seen in the center, right part of the image. The island can not be seen in the second image above. But I feel these images make for some rather breath-taking landscapes.

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