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Green Cannabis Bud

I brought my camera over to a friends house the other day and focused it on some new strains of Cannabis that he’s growing right now. Perhaps the most excited image in this collection would be the first one? It’s a strain he calls Black Hulk because it’s a cross between Black Afghani and Bruce Banner Cannabis strains. It’s extremely beautiful and he says has an awesome flavor profile when smoked. The rest of the strains I got to photograph include a Snowman strain and Northern Lights strain! I’m pretty proud of these images, probably has much as my friend is to have grow these plants. Check the images out below and let us know in the comments how you think about them?



Vista Hills Vineyard

Visited the Vista Hills Vineyard in Yamhill County, Oregon a couple weeks back.

These are a few of the images I found while on my visit.


Yellow Fireworks Dahlia

This is what happened when I brought a Yellow Fireworks Dahlia plant home from the market. I’m not a big fan of visiting the market in the Summertime because they bring out all the recent flowers and I want to bring them all home. I have limited garden space, so I don’t get to grow a lot of flowers in the house. But I manage to take one or two in a season and my indoor plant collection is a budding start. While the flowers on these plants are blooming I’ll then spend afternoon, morning and night creating images and capturing memories that hopefully will last throughout the Winter.

These are some of my favorite images from this particular plant and creative session with a Yellow Fireworks Dahlia flower. To find out which of these three images is my absolute favorite, visit the Niume post.



Marijuana Flower

These are images from the very start of my effort to document different strains of cannabis. The first two I get to create digital images of are the Gorilla Glue #4 and Jack Frost strains. I tied the freshly harvested buds  up under the lights in my studio to let them dry for the next 5 – 7 days. I’ll be taking pictures and documenting along the way. Just like drying any plant. These ladies really have changed the smell around the studio these days. Two large buds cut straight from the plants. The images in this slide show are from the first 3 days of the process. Can you guess which strain is which? The labels are in the captions. Sit make and click on one images to start the slideshow. Some of these images appear somewhat blurry, but pretty decent none-the-less.

If you want high quality digital images of your plant, contact me for rates –

Check out these cools images on Fine Art America…

Enjoy responsibly…



Ladybug and Two Flies

Admitted, this is kind of a weird post I guess.

In my travels and everyday effort at creating images of flowers that I pass by, I’m bound to come upon some bugs flying around and landing on those flowers. I like to zoom in close to these creatures when I find them to see what they are doing. Usually they are just sitting around.

Sometimes the flies sit on the flowers for while, others they are sitting only briefly. The ladybug in the image above had a mission on this particular day. She was just traveling all over this pink flower when I got this image. I think it might even be a little blurry? I tried getting more images, but was only able to get this one because by the time I was ready to take my next picture she was under the flower petal and trucking back down the stem. I would have loved to have followed her around for a while just to see where she goes.

I was able to find a few images of these flies, especially the one on yellow above. They just sat on the flower like they knew what I was up to, probably hoping they could make into some magazine for flies? The fly on the pink petal is a little blurry, but still kind of interesting. Would love to get closer to these creatures, but alas, need a different camera lens in my life.

Anywho, I can probably expect that you won’t share this post, it’s kind of icky with the flies. But if you find it in your heart to share I’m sure this creatures would love to be seen far and wide.



Three Moods of the Trillium Flower

Trillium flowers are blooming. This poor flower is almost extinct in some places. It’s so beautiful people can’t resist the temptation to pick it and take it home.

First off, it won’t last! Second, Don’t! In some places it’s illegal!

But, if you pick this flower it won’t get the opportunity to collect it’s all important energy that enables it bloom next year. This flower depends on it’s above ground parts to collect the energy from the Sun and send it down to the root underground for storage. The longer it has the opportunity to do that the more energy it has for  continued blooms. So, take pictures all you want, but leave it where you find it. Don’t fulfill that temptation.



Cleopatra – Forest Feline

I visited Tryon Creek State Park yesterday in SW Portland yesterday and was afforded the opportunity to photograph new Spring growth in the forest. Those images will be forthcoming in future posts here. While out there walking around, I came across this little feline, with her human, out for a walk also, her name is Cleopatra and she reminded me of my awesome cat whom I lived with for 16 years. See my memorial tributes posted on this blog a year and a half ago. When Sinatra was younger he used to go for walks with me in the forest. I loved it. That forest was in my backyard, so it wasn’t difficult to get out. As far as I knew Sinatra never walked out in the forest by himself, but whenever I would go he loved to follow. And Cleopatra kind of looks just like Sinatra did. Such a cute cat, I was glad I got a chance to capture the moment.

I’m trying to create more posts here on my blog. I’ve been busy of late getting up to speed with a new photography job. Things are getting back to normal now, so hopefully you’ll get to see more posts here. Don’t give up on my.



Featured Artist – Jan Shield

Happy Winter Solstice!

As we gently pass through the shortest day of the year and come into contact with all the night lights in our society, especially with all the holiday lights, I’m reminded of these oil paintings I recently got the opportunity to photograph. The combination of dark and light paints in these Oil paintings make it look as if I’m actually viewing the scene. These pieces are created by Yamhill County, Oregon artist Jan Shield. While photographing these pieces with Mr. Shield, he mentioned that “These works were painted by toeing the canvases on top of my car, going out into the farm fields around Forest Grove, OR and working with the light of the sky, auto beam light, and the increasing glow of the electric advance of light from Portland, OR into the environment.” It’s an expression into a century of electrified power and night time glow.

I wrote a short biography on Jan Shield in my previous post of his where I shared these wonderful Raku plates he created. So I won’t write a lot about him here, be sure to visit that post for more information. On a recent visit to the Dancing Trees Sanctuary, where Shield still lives and creates art on a daily basis, I was able to also photograph some more wood sculptures that he created as well. I will feature those images in an upcoming post. In the mean time, Shield is still represented by the Fairweather House and Garden in Seaside, OR, and the Rental Sales Gallery at the Portland Art Musuem.

I hope you enjoy your Winter Holidays and that you are with family and/or friends.



Another Autumn Nearly Passed

Wow! It’s difficult to believe that Autumn is nearly two-thirds gone already? In a little over 30 days from today, Winter will be presenting it’s likeness for all to enjoy! And the holidays are just around the corner from that.

Yesterday, while working on some images that will be presented in an upcoming post, probably later this week, I found this golden colored Maple Leaf barely hanging on to this Heavenly Bamboo leaf in my backyard. It made for an impromptu photo session to get the images posted in today’s post. Pretty cool from my humble opinion? What do you think?

I hope you’re enjoying the Autumn season so far this year? Watching the leaves change colors on the trees and gather on the ground has been a thorough enjoyment for me to experience this year. I’ve enjoyed posted all the colors of Autumn, if you’ve missed any of them take a moment of your time to go back and review. I think you’ll like? And in the meantime, share with your friends. I need all the exposure I can get.

I also wanted to briefly state that I #standUnited with #France and against bullying, intimidation and violent threats. There’s only room for #peace in this #World, let’s start living it today.



$99 – 45 Minute Lunchtime Photo Sessions! Kid Friendly!

Autumn colors are around the corner, time for your Autumn Photo Session?

I like to facilitate Photo Sessions in environments that open up the individual being photographed. The colors in Portland, OR area parks are fabulous right now! Time to update that professional image or the family portrait. Forest Park, Laurelhurst Park, and Hoyt Arboretum are just a few of my suggestions. Above are just some of my favorite portraits I’ve created in the last year. Call today – 503-241-0170, ask about my $99 – 45 minute Lunchtime Photo Sessions. They only last 45 minutes. Lets meet and have coffee so we can talk about what you’d like to see in a session.

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I look forward to hearing from you today!



Super Blood Moon Eclipse

Okay, here’s my little contribution to the plethora of Super Blood Moon Eclipse images out in the World today! What a phenomenal event, everyone wanted to see it. I visited Rocky Butte to witness this event and it seemed like everyone in Portland had the same idea. Fortunately I rode my bike because if I had driven with all that traffic? Well, let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t. I left early and I’m sure there were many folks who never got to see the event because they were stuck in their cars trying to get up, and/or down that hill. The first two images in this post were taken from Rocky Butte, the last, darker image, was created after I got back home, just before the event was over. I hope you like? While I’m sure these images aren’t the best out in the World today, but if you’re so inclined, remember to spread a little love in the World and share these images with your friends by sending them a link to this blog post. I could sure use the exposure, pun intended.



Washougal River

Rumor has it the infamous airplane hijacker D.B Cooper landed in the Washougal River Basin after skydiving out of a Boeing 727 with a bagful of money during a thunderstorm way back in 1971. Many folks say he lived happily ever after, perhaps somewhere along the Washougal River? But then there are others who say he perished almost immediately after leaving the airplane. He was never located and the mystery still plagues the region like Big Foot.

The Washougal River Valley is an easy place to get lost, I’ve even been lost once along this river. That’s kind of a silly story, having to do with Google Maps, that I love to share, but perhaps I’ll save it for another post? This river valley is definitely beautiful, beginning it’s 33 mile course South of Mount St. Helens in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest and ending at the Columbia River just East of Portland, OR. While more development has recently shaped the valley it was still pretty rugged when I first moved to the region just 12 years ago. Washougal River Road is one of my favorite drives and I love to stop along the way to find some images.

The first image in this post is just a peaceful shot of the river meandering along the rocks and trees. The second image is another, but if you look closely there’s a small fish jumping out of the water very near the center of the image. I waited 45 minutes to get a better image, the fish were jumping like crazy on this day, but I could never find a better one. The third image is of a tributary along the River. Not sure what this creek is called, but it’s sure beautiful.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by today. Remember to share with your connections.



Rose Macro I

C. Vincent Ferguson - Rose Macro - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – Rose Macro – Digital Image


by Tina K

Where are you going, where have you been?
My dear, close, and quiet friend,
As we sit in the soft springtime Saturday’s end
Taking comfort in each other once again.

Tell me your stories and I’ll tell you mine;
And so we will pass a few hours time
With the quaint and the comic and even sublime –
Silently searching for that elusive sign.

We’ll fashion the future and polish the past,
Allowing the memories to amass;
While the grains of sand slip through the glass
‘Til a tranquil lull pervades at last.

Conversation fades with the eve’s golden light,
We cannot go on, try though we might;
So you gather me an embrace so tight,
And we wistfully, longingly say goodnight.

Mardi Gras Rose Squared

C. Vincent Fergguson - Mardi Gras Rose - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – Mardi Gras Rose – Digital Image

While the composition of this image is pretty decent, I guess the quality isn’t quite there? I still love this image of a Mardi Gras Rose Bud. The grey background makes it glow and almost appear translucent? Very beautiful! The lighting on the image isn’t that great either. But none-the-less, I present to you today’s selection of rose for our month long celebration of this venerable flower.

Please share!



Easy Going Rose

C. Vincent Ferguson - Easy Going Rose - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – Easy Going Rose – Digital Image

Today I want to present the Easy Going variety of Rose in this blog’s month long celebration of the rose flower. Cultivated in 1996 by a nursery in England called Harkness. This beautiful flower is an apricot yellow color and grows very easily in just about any garden. Plus, it has a very light fragrance very nearly like sweet honey.

I hope you like? Please share with your connections.



Yellow Rose in Oregon

C. Vincent Ferguson - Yellow Rose - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – Yellow Rose – Digital Image

Western Civilization’s love affair with the rose was well established before the Yellow Rose came into play. As recent as the 18th Century, the only roses known and cultivated were Pink, white and probably red. That is until a yellow rose was discovered in the Middle East, and the known rose world we thrown into turmoil. Suddenly every gardener had to have a yellow rose in their garden. However, at that time the yellow rose failed to bring a sweet fragrance into the world when blooming. Cultivation practices soon changed all that. Now, less than 200 years later, not only do we have several different varieties of beautiful yellow roses, but all emit a sweet fragrance for nose stimulation as well as visual stimulation.

Unfortunately you the reader cannot enjoy the sweet fragrance of this particular yellow rose in today’s post, but I hope you can find the visual stimulation a welcome substitute? The variety of this rose is called Henry Fonda which is a variety first cultivated in 1996. Enjoy today’s celebration of the rose flower and share with your connections. Be sure to come back tomorrow for more in this blog’s celebration of the rose flower this month.



Chihuly Rose Flower

Today’s featured rose is the Chihuly Rose Flower! For those who don’t know, this rose is named after Dale Chihuly, although I only found one reference to that. I would like to find more information to support this, but for now, I think I can live with saying this. Dale Chihuly is an artist who predominantly focuses on creating items with glass. He is based in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. There is Chihuly Garden of Glass dedicated to his work in glass at the Seattle Center in Seattle, WA. It’s an extremely beautiful visit the next time you are there. I think the images in this post may not be truly representative of this particularly rose? First we have a red and white variety and then a mostly yellow variety. The yellow one here is probably the closest representative? The flower is supposed to have reds, yellows, oranges, and even apricot colors to it. But here’s one for variety.

Be sure to share this with your connections. Come back tomorrow around noon as we continue this month long celebration of the rose flower.



Cherry Parfait Grandiflora Rose

The Cherry Parfait Rose is a Grandiflora Rose that is predominantly white, with cherry red colored highlights. It was hybridized in 2002, which I think means that’s when it first came to exist. This is an extremely beautiful rose, as I hope my images in this post will point out. It very much looks like a mixture of cherry filling and ice cream. Don’t you think? Leave a comment if you care to.

Be sure to share this post with your connections. And come back tomorrow around noon for our month long celebration of the rose flower.



All That Jazz Rose


C. Vincent Ferguson - All That Jazz Rose - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – All That Jazz Rose – Digital Image

Contributing to this blog’s continued celebration of the Rose Flower during this month of June in 2015, I want to present to you a decent image of the All That Jazz variety of Rose flower. Here she is in all her splendor. Ready for showtime, just as Bob Fosse would have liked.

Enjoy today’s post, remember to share with your connections. And come back tomorrow for another beautiful rose flower.



A Rose by any Other

C. Vincent Ferguson - Red Rose - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – Red Rose – Digital Image

“The east is yellow as a daffodil.
Three steeples—three stark swarthy arms—are thrust
Up from the town. The gnarlèd poplars thrill
Down the long street in some keen salty gust—
Straight from the sea and all the sailing ships—
Turn white, black, white again, with noises sweet
And swift. Back to the night the last star slips.
High up the air is motionless, a sheet
Of light. The east grows yellower apace,
And trembles: then, once more, and suddenly,
The salt wind blows, and in that moment’s space
Flame roofs, and poplar-tops, and steeples three;
From out the mist that wraps the river-ways,
The little boats, like torches, start ablaze.”


by Lizette Woodworth Reese