Super Blood Moon Eclipse

Okay, here’s my little contribution to the plethora of Super Blood Moon Eclipse images out in the World today! What a phenomenal event, everyone wanted to see it. I visited Rocky Butte to witness this event and it seemed like everyone in Portland had the same idea. Fortunately I rode my bike because if I had driven with all that traffic? Well, let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t. I left early and I’m sure there were many folks who never got to see the event because they were stuck in their cars trying to get up, and/or down that hill. The first two images in this post were taken from Rocky Butte, the last, darker image, was created after I got back home, just before the event was over. I hope you like? While I’m sure these images aren’t the best out in the World today, but if you’re so inclined, remember to spread a little love in the World and share these images with your friends by sending them a link to this blog post. I could sure use the exposure, pun intended.




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