Welcome Autumn 2015

Well, as the season changes and the leaves begin to turn I wanted to present some colors of Autumn in this week’s blog post. I’ve been going around where ever I can to find some colors of change. I think I may have succeeded already. I found these images at Hoyt Arboretum where I’ve been visiting early Sunday mornings over the last couple weeks. Love the early morning walks, when nothing is around except the squirrels and birds. Actually, that’s not entirely true, I’ve seen a few dogs taking their humans out for early morning walks or jogs. But I’m surprised to see not very many others. We’re very lucky to have such a place as Hoyt Arboretum with over 6000 species of trees covering 189 acres of land. It’s been there since 1928 and many of the trees and groves are simply a treasure to be among.

Be on the lookout for more images from the Hoyt over the next couple months. It will be my mission to document more season changes as Autumn passes through and we get close to Winter. I want to get to know the place, so I’ll just keep going for occasional Sunday morning hikes all the way until the new growth starts popping up in the Spring. If you’re in the Portland area and want to come with, be sure to look me up.

I hope you like this week’s post, be sure to come around next week more more Autumn Colors. And remember to share and share alike.




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