Marching toward 1000 Digital Mandalas

Fremont Reflection 06

A few of you already know about two other blogs that I facilitate. What you are reading now is my website/blog/portfolio where I share the digital images that I create and write what hopefully are fun posts. I also facilitate two other blogs that are both similar in nature to each other. They both feature original art work created at the Emerald Studio in Portland, OR. The Digital Mandala blog features circular images that I create from many of the images I find with the digital camera and combines them with an inspirational quote. The 2 Quote A Flower blog is similar with the idea of having quotes, but instead features digital images of flowers, hence the name.

I created these blogs about two an a half years ago as tool to share the images that I find in my daily travels with the world. I figured it would be a great way to show the transition in images associated with my growth in photography. Through my journey toward broadening my photography skills, its kind of nice to have a record that shows that growth. Plus, with all the challenges to today’s world, I just wanted to provide an atmosphere where you can take a break and perhaps bring a little bit of beauty into your life? Especially in our internet lives. Many times we don’t take the time to stop and admire the beauty that surrounds us. Many times it’s the same when we’re rushing down the street past a beautiful flower. Many time we miss the beauty all together. And, some of you are saying to yourself right now, “It’s a flower!” But it’s more than just a flower really. It’s taking a moment to stop and smell the flower, it’s about simply taking that moment to stop and take a break in our lives. To reflect on what we are doing to the World, and how we are impacting the atmosphere around us. Both of these blogs put out a post daily.

On September 27th I will reach post number 1000 on both blogs. Which means I will have posted for 1000 days in a row, which means over the last 15 years I’ve created 1000 Digital Mandalas. While I’m equally impressed that 2 Quote A Flower will be reaching 1000 posts, really it’s easy to post a picture of a flower online. Take the picture, do some editing, and post it to share. It’s pretty simply. The hard work is creating the image in the first place. But with the Digital Mandalas I’ve created over the past 15 years, I’ve had to spend a little time putting those together. I usually create them in families of 8, simply because they come from a circle within the original image, with each Digital Mandala made of an 1/8 pie slice of that circle that means there are 8 pieces from this original circle, so I go ahead and create a family of 8. It takes a little bit of time to do this. Plus, taking into account editing and all the background work put into the creation of a Digital Mandala. There’s a little bit of time investment associated with creating over 1000 Digital Mandalas.

Well, now that I’ve created such a huge body of work. To be honest, many of them are humble in their on regard. Not a lot of them stand out, but some of them are absolutely beautiful. Rather than thinking of each one individually, right now I want to recognize the effort put forth in the creation of these 1000 images. I’m reminded of the Japanese tale of creating 1000 paper cranes and being granted a wish that would come true after completion.

I want a wish! And I have 100 days to come up with that wish. I’m initiating a campaign toward 1000 Digital Mandalas. I’ll continue making posts here on my Emerald Studio website, perhaps featuring a few of my favorite Digital Mandalas over the years and if I remember, explaining how it came about. Meanwhile the Daily Digital Mandala blog will keep chucking toward the day of Daily Digital Mandala 1000 with a release daily. And on that day I will reveal what my wish will be.

So onward we go. 100 days to 1000 Digital Mandalas. I hope you get a chance to visit the blog. All 1000 are there waiting for you to discover and appreciate. Go on then, stop by and spend some time checking them out. Be on the lookout for some posts that I make here in my own personal journey toward this goal. And at the risk of being called a tease, be on the lookout for what my wish will be on Sept. 27th.

I end every post I’ve put on this blog with the word Peace. I try and end every conversation I have with the word Peace. Because I believe we need more Peace the the world.




Featured Artist – Sandee Burman

This past weekend, I was afforded the opportunity to photograph for local artist Sandee Burman once again. Sandee has been in the Portland art scene for many years. You can see more of her work from my last visit to photograph, by visit my first “Featured Artist” – Sandee Burman post. I’ve also featured Sandee’s work on a second blog post as well. Her dark and realistic landscapes very much capture the Oregon landscape that is present in our neck of the woods.

The first image above I fell in love within almost immediately. She definitely captures the light in the trees for this piece. I feel as if I’m looking out my window.

The second piece captures the first snow of Winter.

The last piece in this collection doesn’t have a name yet. Maybe you can help. I think it should be called Rainy Oregon Landscape, but that’s seems somewhat cliche to me? What do you think? Help name this piece?

To check out more of Sandee’s art, you can check out her page at the Rental Sales Gallery in Portland, or visit her page at Art on the Boulevard, which has a retail location in Vancouver, WA.



Featured Artist – Jan Shield

Happy Winter Solstice!

As we gently pass through the shortest day of the year and come into contact with all the night lights in our society, especially with all the holiday lights, I’m reminded of these oil paintings I recently got the opportunity to photograph. The combination of dark and light paints in these Oil paintings make it look as if I’m actually viewing the scene. These pieces are created by Yamhill County, Oregon artist Jan Shield. While photographing these pieces with Mr. Shield, he mentioned that “These works were painted by toeing the canvases on top of my car, going out into the farm fields around Forest Grove, OR and working with the light of the sky, auto beam light, and the increasing glow of the electric advance of light from Portland, OR into the environment.” It’s an expression into a century of electrified power and night time glow.

I wrote a short biography on Jan Shield in my previous post of his where I shared these wonderful Raku plates he created. So I won’t write a lot about him here, be sure to visit that post for more information. On a recent visit to the Dancing Trees Sanctuary, where Shield still lives and creates art on a daily basis, I was able to also photograph some more wood sculptures that he created as well. I will feature those images in an upcoming post. In the mean time, Shield is still represented by the Fairweather House and Garden in Seaside, OR, and the Rental Sales Gallery at the Portland Art Musuem.

I hope you enjoy your Winter Holidays and that you are with family and/or friends.



$99 – 45 Minute Lunchtime Photo Sessions! Kid Friendly!

Autumn colors are around the corner, time for your Autumn Photo Session?

I like to facilitate Photo Sessions in environments that open up the individual being photographed. The colors in Portland, OR area parks are fabulous right now! Time to update that professional image or the family portrait. Forest Park, Laurelhurst Park, and Hoyt Arboretum are just a few of my suggestions. Above are just some of my favorite portraits I’ve created in the last year. Call today – 503-241-0170, ask about my $99 – 45 minute Lunchtime Photo Sessions. They only last 45 minutes. Lets meet and have coffee so we can talk about what you’d like to see in a session.

Phone/text – 503-241-0170
Email –

I look forward to hearing from you today!



A Rose by any Other

C. Vincent Ferguson - Red Rose - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – Red Rose – Digital Image

“The east is yellow as a daffodil.
Three steeples—three stark swarthy arms—are thrust
Up from the town. The gnarlèd poplars thrill
Down the long street in some keen salty gust—
Straight from the sea and all the sailing ships—
Turn white, black, white again, with noises sweet
And swift. Back to the night the last star slips.
High up the air is motionless, a sheet
Of light. The east grows yellower apace,
And trembles: then, once more, and suddenly,
The salt wind blows, and in that moment’s space
Flame roofs, and poplar-tops, and steeples three;
From out the mist that wraps the river-ways,
The little boats, like torches, start ablaze.”


by Lizette Woodworth Reese

Love, Gratitude, and Appreciation

Yves Piaget Pink Rose, Rose, Rosa, Rosaceae

Vincent Ferguson – Yves Piaget Pink Rose – Digital Image

Just wanted to show a little Love, Gratitude, and Appreciation on this Thursday Evening.

Yves Piaget Pink Rose



Which Yellow Iris do you Prefer? Visit the Post and Leave a Comment!

These two images are of the exact same flower, a beautiful Yellow Iris bud growing just down the street from where I live in SE Portland. I walked by the other day and found these images immediately, the second a mere few seconds after the first. The only difference is one image was taken with flash, the second without. Which do you like better? Be sure to share with your friends I want to get as much feedback on these images as I can. I appreciate your taking the time.



The Chief Mourner

The Chief Mourner album by Jon Ransom is so raw and pure it’s unbelievable! The soulful sounds that Jon makes reveal a personality that is so pure and dedicated to the creative process. The song Crooked Wing is my favorite, but in the few weeks that I’ve owned this album, I’ve found myself waking in the morning, humming and singing, the catchy Alchemist tune to myself. On listening to the entire album I can tell Jon has poured a lot of his personal demeanor into the music. He’s created something very personal and touching. But yet done it in such a way that anyone can relate. Such as in the song Stagefright, he’s captured a feeling all of us have experienced at one point in our lives. But it’s not just Jon on this album, it present a cornucopia of Portland Musicians, whose contribution exhibit a feeling that they are all dedicated to the music. The album presents a cornucopia of Portland Musicians. While the album is called the Chief Mourner, allaying the possibility of something, or someone, dying, upon listening to the whole album, I believe something in life is being exhumed from deep inside and celebrated. This album is worth a listen or two and the art work is phenomenal. It’s very Portlandia!

The images with this post are from Jon Ransom’s Album Release party, which took place at the Alberta Street Pub in February of this year. The show featured contributions from the band Small Souls, and duo Towns and Villages. The first image features Jon playing with Barry Brusseau and the third image shows the sultry Ezza Rose doing backup singing on the song “Till the Night Fades Away.” Both very noted and accomplished Portland musicians in their own right.

Hope you like the images, be sure to visit Jon’s Bandcamp or CD Baby page, by clicking on the links, to sample the music and perhaps buy a digital file or two. Please share this post with your friends also.




Random Images – Seattle

Here are some random images from a visit up to Seattle a while ago.

Of course every photographer that visits Seattle has to find the obligatory image of the Public Market sign. I found it easily enough, and since everyone does eventually find this sign and takes a picture of it, I tried not to. I really did try not to get a image, but I ended up taking one regardless. It’s so present and kind of in a cool spot, I couldn’t resist.

I’d like to know more about the statue of the guy with the lamp, but couldn’t find anything out online about it? Even though in this image I have him standing upright, it’s mounted sideways on a wall, in a staircase at the Pike Place Market, very unusual. If you know anything about this statue please leave a comment.

And then one thing great about Seattle is the fish. Oh man, do they have a lot of fish. Speaking of obligatory images, there’s also the image of the guys at the market throwing the fish back and forth for the enjoyment of the market patrons. I tried to get a good image, but it didn’t work out this time. It happens so fast, next time I visit, I’ll try again. In the mean time, enjoy these image and please share with your friends.



International Water

The International Water Fountain resides at the Seattle Center in Downtown Seattle, WA. I believe these images would quality for the WordPress Weeky Photo Challenge, Rule of Thirds?

The fountain is located just across a sidewalk from Seattle’s Space Needle. It was built for the 1962 World’s Fair and completely remodeled in 1995. It now serves as a friendly gathering place for people of all ages, but especially those who like to run around the fountain getting wet and cooling off on a hot sunny day. Although when I was visiting it wasn’t hot, nor completely sunny, and that didn’t seem to bother the kids running around that day.

The fountain uses recycled water and has a capacity of 9000 gallons. It’s run through three types of treatment before being spit out one of 137 nozzles, and is touted as probably the cleanest water in the city. Bonus! As you’re walking around the fountain, music is played through speakers built into the bowl area. The music selection is changed every month, during my visit on this day in December we heard several songs by Seattle based artists.

It’s definitely worth a visit before or after checking out the Space Needle.



First Crocus

Vince Ferguson - First Crocus - Digital Image

Vince Ferguson – First Crocus – Digital Image

First Crocus I’ve seen this year! I found this wonderful flower bunch while walking down the street this morning. In fact, every year for the at least the last 3 years, this little bunch of flowers in this exact spot has been the first sign I see that signals the beginning of the Spring Flower season. Time to get my camera ready for picture taking.

Why do I take pictures of flowers? Well, first, I just like preserving as many of the amazing varieties of flowers that are out there. But, secondly, for my 2 Quote A Flower blog. if you haven’t visited yet, you should check this blog out by clicking on the link above.

In the mean time, please share with your friends, and prepare yourself for another season of flowers.



Mount Hood Sunrise January 2015

I got an opportunity to head up to Rocky Butte the other day to photograph the sunrise and created this short series of images just as the Sun was peering over the horizon. The first few days of 2015 in the Portland area have been beautifully clear, but cold. It was very foggy on this particular morning, when I headed up to the Butte, I wasn’t sure if I’d see anything because of the fog. But it was lying low so the elevation was perfect for getting some clear images of Mount Hood. I got other images, but my camera is dirty right now, even though I just had it cleaned a couple months ago. If there’s any insight on how often a camera should be cleaned, please provide in the comments section. It seems too soon to have such a dirty sensor on my camera, but none-the-less. Once I get the other images cleaned up, they will be posted here. In the mean time, enjoy these beautiful ones. And please share with your friends.



Falling Autumn

As we turn the corner of yet another season –  the darkness starts to surround us early in the day – the Autumn season falls into the past – I present a reflection on the colors from 2014’s Autumn season.

These are my favorite images from this year’s Autumn, taken in various places around Portland, Oregon, including my backyard and the Columbia River Gorge. I expected the colors of the season to be more vivid this year, since we had such a long Summer. I heard a long time ago that, when there’s a dearth of rain in the late Summer season, the colors of Autumn are more vibrant. I guess I remembered that wrong? That’s not what happened this year in the Portland area. If any readers know more about this, by all means leave a comment. In the mean time, enjoy these images and I hope your seasonal transition is a smooth one.



Autumn 2014

Fans of this blog will remember the Abstract Water post I did earlier in the year?

Here are some pretty cool images in my humble opinion anyway! Abstract Water. I created these simply by pointing my camera at Firwood Lake at Laurelhurst Park in Portland, OR. On an Autumn day, the reflection can be mesmerizing. Despite my favorite season being Spring, my favorite season to walk in Laurelhurst Park is Fall. It’s simply resplendent with color, one can get drunk on the colors of Fall. I hope you like these abstract images. Leave a comment, positive or negative, and be sure to share these images with your friends and contacts.



Freakin’ Awesome!

Vince Ferguson - Chickadee - Digital Image

Vince Ferguson – Chickadee – Digital Image

Freakin’ Awesome! Special Announcement!

I just got word that this image took Second Place in the Lifetouch Region 8 Merit Image Contest – Fall 2014! Woohoo! This contest is open to Lifetouch Region 8 employees only, so the field of submitters are all awesome photographers in their own right. I know, I work with many of them.

If you’re a regular follower on this blog, you’ll remember last April I was awarded first place in this same image contest? Check it out here. And over the Summer it was announced that I was a Finalist in the Best in Photography 2014 contest through Photographer’s Forum Magazine. So, it’s been a banner year so far for me this year, and the year’s not even over yet! So, enjoy the images posted on this blog, share with your friends and know that you’re looking at images created by an award winning photographer! I’m so humbled that I get to say that!

It’s a great story surrounding the creation of this image I call Chickadee, you can refresh your memory of it by visiting the Charming Cheerful Chickadees.



Featured Artist – Sandee Burman Again

I recently got the opportunity to create some digital images of work created by Portland area artist Sandee Burman. I’ve featured Sandee’s work before on this blog, but it’s such wonderful landscapes, I felt I needed to feature her work again. This post is featuring only 3 pieces of Ms. Burman’s work. There’s more! Which you’ll probably get a chance to see in the upcoming future? Her work is dark and foreboding, but captures a a day in Oregon beautifully. Whether it’s sunny or inclement weather. You can have a chance to see two of Ms. Burman’s work by visiting the Fall Show 2014 at the Rental Sales Gallery in Portland. The Fall Show 2014 is scheduled for Friday, October 24th, 2014. Click on Fall Show to see the invite on Facebook. Ms. Burman is a Member Artist at the Rental Sales Gallery and got “Autumn Evening” and “Passing Clouds,” accepted as new work to the gallery and will be featured in the Fall Show, along with over 200 other new works of art created by RSG’s Member Artist.

Hope you like? Please share with your friends and connections.



Harvest 2014

As I’ve probably said before, one of my favorite things to do is walk around my neighborhood and find things that will make cool images. This week’s post features images from such a trek. Pumpkins in the neighborhood! The first image is of some pumpkins left over from last year. Now that’s what I call a Rotten Jack. The second two images are this year’s crop of orange squash.

The pumpkin is a squash, which is a vegetable. Yummy pumpkin pie is a great Autumn tradition. But pumpkin soup with a little curry included makes a delightful treat. The pumpkin is native to North America, with the earliest seeds ever found for this interesting vine was found nearly 10,000 years ago near present day Mexico City. It’s become a tradition to carve drawing into a pumpkin and lite them providing a lighted path to follow as the days grow shorter approaching Winter. An astonishing 1.5 BILLION Lbs of pumpkins are grown, predominantly in the US State of Illinois, but also in Indiana, Ohio and California. The pumpkin has been historically pollinated by the Squash Bee, which is currently experiencing a decline in population, due to pesticide use in growing pumpkins. Imagine a Halloween without the pumpkin? It may be coming soon.

Please share this post with your friends and family.



Hawthorne Bridge Full Moon

Here’s a great example on how images can be manipulated now a days! Not complaining about it, just find it fascinating the creations that can be found out on the Internet.

The first image is the original image I created one night out on the Downtown Portland, OR Waterfront. It was taken the night before the big Super Moon this past Summer. That night I also found an up close image of just the moon, which can be found in a previous post – Supermoon in Portland, Oregon. Or, at least, as close as I can get right now, with my 300mm zoom lens.

So, the Moon can be seen from this particular perspective, but I wasn’t happy with it’s size in the first image, so, in a short session of Post-Production I super-imposed the up close Moon into this image directly over the original Moon position and found a much more dramatic image. What do you think? Which image do you like better?





Rocky Butte Falcon

Well, these aren’t awesome images, but they are pretty good, and very telling of the fact that I need another zoom lens. These images are blurry because I’ve zoomed in and cropped them from the original image that I created with my camera. I was at Rocky Butte in Portland, OR to find images of the Super Full Moon rising on the horizon behind Mount Hood. But the clouds on the horizon interfered with that endeavor, by blocking out Mount Hood. Still got some good images that I’ll probably share here one day, but this Falcon was flying around and these are the best images I could find. It was fun watching her flying around probably looking for dinner.

I hope you enjoy these images also, please share this post with your friends and companions.



Columbia River Gorge National Recreation Area

Happy Labor Day, despite it being Labor Day in the US, I wanted to work long enough to create a post here.

I want to share with you a story with this week’s post. The story is of Memaloose Island in the Columbia River and the Columbia River Gorge. There once were several islands dotted along the Columbia River, until the Bonneville Dam got built proceeding to flood this area. Now all that is seen is one small island with a grave marker. The marker is for a pioneer named Victor Trevitt, who wanted to be buried with his “Indian Friends.” The name of the island, Memsloose, roughly translates to Land of the Dead, through the local Chinook language. The local natives at one time ‘sent’ their dead to the islands along this part of the Columbia River. During the mid 1900s the US Army Corps removed over 600 native burial sites leaving the one for Victor Trevitt. So, now not only are there no known native burial sites on this island, but also, there is the burial site of one lone white man.  A little bit insulting if you ask me?

We are very fortunate to have a land feature such as the Columbia River Gorge, the scenery is exceptional. And along this particular part of this mighty river, some folks would call it the beginning, others, the end? Between Hood River and The Dalles, specifically at Catherine Creek on the Washington side of the river. In the first image, Memaloose Island can be seen in the center, right part of the image. The island can not be seen in the second image above. But I feel these images make for some rather breath-taking landscapes.

To check out my other posts featuring Catherine Creek visit the following links… Catherine Creek in Autumn and Morning at Catherine Creek.

I hope you enjoy, please share with your contacts and friends.