International Water

The International Water Fountain resides at the Seattle Center in Downtown Seattle, WA. I believe these images would quality for the WordPress Weeky Photo Challenge, Rule of Thirds?

The fountain is located just across a sidewalk from Seattle’s Space Needle. It was built for the 1962 World’s Fair and completely remodeled in 1995. It now serves as a friendly gathering place for people of all ages, but especially those who like to run around the fountain getting wet and cooling off on a hot sunny day. Although when I was visiting it wasn’t hot, nor completely sunny, and that didn’t seem to bother the kids running around that day.

The fountain uses recycled water and has a capacity of 9000 gallons. It’s run through three types of treatment before being spit out one of 137 nozzles, and is touted as probably the cleanest water in the city. Bonus! As you’re walking around the fountain, music is played through speakers built into the bowl area. The music selection is changed every month, during my visit on this day in December we heard several songs by Seattle based artists.

It’s definitely worth a visit before or after checking out the Space Needle.




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