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Two Moods of a Red Dahlia

These images aren’t that great! I just wanted to see what they would look like, published on my blog? I’m still having some focusing challenges. My images just don’t seem clear enough yet? And red, for me anyway, seems like a difficult color to duplicate?

Here are two images of the same flower. The first is taken without a light, just opening up the camera. The second under a spot light. Revealing two moods of this gorgeous American Beauty Dahlia flower.

I found Christopher Beane’s book “Flower” at the library a few weeks back. He’s a New York photographer who worked at the flower market in Manhattan. He got to bring a lot of flowers home to photograph after work. So he got to control his background. I noticed this particular book has a lot flowers on black backgrounds. I’ve always enjoyed black backgrounds on a lot of things, black seems to bring out the colors more? But I haven’t photographed flowers on a black background yet? Yes, with all the flower images I’ve taken so far, the ones with black backgrounds were taken like that. I’m normally out in a garden somewhere finding images where the background can be controlled, but not changed. I haven’t spent a lot of time photographing flowers in the studio, under lights yet. I decided to give it a try.

I visited my neighborhood flower stand – Flower Bomb – the other day and found some beautiful Dahlias to photograph. This is new for me too; I have only bought flowers for photography a few times. It’s fun to support small local businesses.

I got the flower home and started in on the task. It’s a little more difficult than one might thing? I mean anyone can point a light at a flower and take a picture, right? I did that, was done in about 15 minutes. But since you have everything set up and the model is willing, might as well get creative, right? Next thing I knew it was 2 hours later! And I still had another 3 flowers to photograph. So, I guess there’s the time invested and whether one has such time to invest in a project like this? That was just my first session with this flower.

Hope you enjoy? Remember to share! Let me know if you think you might want a print?




Another Autumn Nearly Passed

Wow! It’s difficult to believe that Autumn is nearly two-thirds gone already? In a little over 30 days from today, Winter will be presenting it’s likeness for all to enjoy! And the holidays are just around the corner from that.

Yesterday, while working on some images that will be presented in an upcoming post, probably later this week, I found this golden colored Maple Leaf barely hanging on to this Heavenly Bamboo leaf in my backyard. It made for an impromptu photo session to get the images posted in today’s post. Pretty cool from my humble opinion? What do you think?

I hope you’re enjoying the Autumn season so far this year? Watching the leaves change colors on the trees and gather on the ground has been a thorough enjoyment for me to experience this year. I’ve enjoyed posted all the colors of Autumn, if you’ve missed any of them take a moment of your time to go back and review. I think you’ll like? And in the meantime, share with your friends. I need all the exposure I can get.

I also wanted to briefly state that I #standUnited with #France and against bullying, intimidation and violent threats. There’s only room for #peace in this #World, let’s start living it today.



$99 – 45 Minute Lunchtime Photo Sessions! Kid Friendly!

Autumn colors are around the corner, time for your Autumn Photo Session?

I like to facilitate Photo Sessions in environments that open up the individual being photographed. The colors in Portland, OR area parks are fabulous right now! Time to update that professional image or the family portrait. Forest Park, Laurelhurst Park, and Hoyt Arboretum are just a few of my suggestions. Above are just some of my favorite portraits I’ve created in the last year. Call today – 503-241-0170, ask about my $99 – 45 minute Lunchtime Photo Sessions. They only last 45 minutes. Lets meet and have coffee so we can talk about what you’d like to see in a session.

Phone/text – 503-241-0170
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I look forward to hearing from you today!



High Voltage Easy Elegance Rose

C. Vincent Ferguson - High Voltage Easy Elegance Rose - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – High Voltage Easy Elegance Rose – Digital Image

In  my continuing month long celebration of the venerable rose flower, today I want to feature the variety of rose called High Voltage. This beautiful, yellow colored rose flower is easy to maintain and grows in bunches. I probable should go back to my favorite rose gardens and find an image that will show this flower in a bunch, rather than solo. And perhaps I will? But for now, enjoy this solitary image and remember that yellow roses symbolize joy, gladness, and friendship. It’s a good rose flower to give as a thank you gift to an office mate without them thinking you’re trying to tell them something else.

Please share this post far and wide.



Rose Macro II

C. Vincent Ferguson - Rose Macro - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – Rose Macro – Digital Image

His Paradise

by Amanda D Besserer

Bring me to his paradise
a feeling of within,
naked to his loving eyes
caressing me with sin
I long to feel his softest kiss
upon my dampened skin

Bring me to his paradise,
and let our bodies meet
the trickle of the rain outside
would shower us with heat,
I wish to be his fantasy
and make our love complete.

Tiffany – Another Pink Rose

C. Vincent Ferguson - Tiffany Rose - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – Tiffany Rose – Digital Image

Well, I’ve been a flower taking nerd so far this season. The Flower Season that is. I’ve taken nearly 2000 images of flower so far this season. Out of those, I’ve found nearly 600 in my goal to reach 730 images of flowers this year. The season is only a quarter of the way done, it’s been a spectacular year for flowers. I can not walk by the garden without wanting to take some images. I could probably reach 1000 images of flowers this year. Out of all the different types of flowers I’ve created digital images of, the rose is by far the most prevalent. I’ve found 72 images of different varieties of roses so far this year. The public rose gardens in Portland have the varietal type of rose posted in each garden, so we know the particular variety of each rose. This year, I’ve kept special attention to these postings so hopefully not only will you be seeing a rose in my posts, but on many of the images you’ll get to see the special variety of the rose in each image.

This particular rose in today’s post is a Tiffany Rose. Very soft pink petals with just a hint of yellow emanating from it’s center. The color yellow in a rose symbolizes joy, gladness, and friendship, the pink represents love, gratitude and appreciation. This Tiffany Rose brings those two meaning together into one flower.

To celebrate the number of images I’ve found so far this year, I want to present some of these 72 images of roses I’ve found. Beginning June 1st, I’m going to post a Rose image every day for 21 days. Why 21? I don’t know, just seemed like a good number. So, if you visit often you’ll get to see some of the beautiful roses I’ve come across this year. It’s been a great experience finding all these roses.

Oh, and wanted to give profs to the 2015 Festival of Roses in Portland. Congratulations on another great festival.



Happy Mother’s Day!

C. Vincent Ferguson - Mardi Gras Rose - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – Mardi Gras Rose – Digital Image

“All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”

~Abraham Lincoln


Willamette Valley, Basket Slough

My destination for this week’s blog post shows the diversity of colors that can be found in the beautiful Willamette Valley of Oregon. I’d been wanting to stop at the Basket Slough National Wildlife Refuge for a couple years now and finally got a chance to do that recently. I had a late morning photo job in Dallas, OR and decided to leave even earlier cause it gave me a chance to visit this special place at sunrise, during the golden hour. But I only had a little bit of time, about 30 minutes, so I went back after my job was done, in the afternoon. The tree images in this post were taken at sunrise, the Camas flower image was taken in the afternoon. Believe it or not, these images were taken in the Spring, just a couple weeks before this blog post – despite the trees looking golden as if it was Autumn. The Basket Slough is a stop over destination for the Dusky Canadian Goose, and there were tons of them there on this day. I found a couple images of 100s of them roosting in a field, but it’s not a very good one, I can’t even tell that they are geese sitting there. A couple times during my visit there was a mass geese fly off, but I wasn’t in a good place to get an image of them. What a beautiful place to stop over, I almost feel jealous of the geese. If you get a chance, be sure to visit. It’s a small place, so you wouldn’t need to spend a lot of time there. But until then enjoy these images and be sure to share with your friends.



Lunar Eclipse – April 4, 2015

C. Vincent Ferguson - Lunar Eclipse April 4, 2015 - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – Lunar Eclipse April 4, 2015 – Digital Image

Okay, here’s the best image I could muster of today’s #lunareclipse, #bloodmoon, from deep inside inner Southeast Portland, Oregon. Double “rare’s” tonight – It was a rare clear April evening here in Portland, making this rare event viewable from our neck of the woods. This was taken with my Nikon D200 and a Sigma 75 – 300mm lens. I’m quite excited about the look of it! I hope you like it too? Please share!

Addendum: Well, after being awake for a couple hours overnight to see if I could capture this rare event, I went back to bed and woke up around 9am. To an overcast sky! It appears the clouds retreated long enough for us in the Portland area to see this rare event!?!



The Chief Mourner

The Chief Mourner album by Jon Ransom is so raw and pure it’s unbelievable! The soulful sounds that Jon makes reveal a personality that is so pure and dedicated to the creative process. The song Crooked Wing is my favorite, but in the few weeks that I’ve owned this album, I’ve found myself waking in the morning, humming and singing, the catchy Alchemist tune to myself. On listening to the entire album I can tell Jon has poured a lot of his personal demeanor into the music. He’s created something very personal and touching. But yet done it in such a way that anyone can relate. Such as in the song Stagefright, he’s captured a feeling all of us have experienced at one point in our lives. But it’s not just Jon on this album, it present a cornucopia of Portland Musicians, whose contribution exhibit a feeling that they are all dedicated to the music. The album presents a cornucopia of Portland Musicians. While the album is called the Chief Mourner, allaying the possibility of something, or someone, dying, upon listening to the whole album, I believe something in life is being exhumed from deep inside and celebrated. This album is worth a listen or two and the art work is phenomenal. It’s very Portlandia!

The images with this post are from Jon Ransom’s Album Release party, which took place at the Alberta Street Pub in February of this year. The show featured contributions from the band Small Souls, and duo Towns and Villages. The first image features Jon playing with Barry Brusseau and the third image shows the sultry Ezza Rose doing backup singing on the song “Till the Night Fades Away.” Both very noted and accomplished Portland musicians in their own right.

Hope you like the images, be sure to visit Jon’s Bandcamp or CD Baby page, by clicking on the links, to sample the music and perhaps buy a digital file or two. Please share this post with your friends also.




The Falls of Elowah

The Elowah Waterfall is located in the Columbia River Gorge on the Oregon side. According to the book Romance of Waterfalls it’s got a Romance Rating of 7 out of 10. So, if you’re looking for a romantic place to take your date, this is it! It’s an easy hike too, not very long at all, less than 1 mile to get from parking along the freeway to the waterfall. To make it a little longer when you get to the falls and cross the bridge, keep going to trail #400, back down to the paved bike path along I-84, and walk back to the parking area beside the Freeway.

I’ve seen images of these falls with the water raging over the side, but on this Winter day that I went, the water flow seemed lackluster? Probably because we haven’t gotten that much rain so far during our Winter Season? That was somewhat disconcerting. My plan is to visit again sometime in the next month, and retake some of these same images to see what kind of change has taken place. It also might be a good idea to visit in the Autumn season to find an image after the trees have changed their color.

I hope you like this week’s post, please share with your connections.



The Noble Magnolia

I had such a good session on Saturday night, visiting Laurelhurst Park to find some images of flowers that might be blooming there. I just had to share these with you. I found over 30 good images, there are my favorite three. The Magnolia Tree is so spectacular this when it’s flowering, beautiful colors, odors, it’s simply amazing. I hope I’ve captured it’s nobility with some of these images? I went out during the magic hour, just before sunset. The Magnolia wasn’t the only thing blooming, just my favorite. I got some other images too, that I’ll more than likely be sharing in the coming weeks.

Laurelhurst Park has many different varieties of Magnolias. This is only what’s blooming so far. They are the early birds, and early they are. Although it is March now, maybe only a little  bit early? There will be more blooms coming up the near future. I’ll try and capture those as well. In the mean time, enjoy these for now. Be sure to share with your friends. Help me spread the word about this blog.



International Water

The International Water Fountain resides at the Seattle Center in Downtown Seattle, WA. I believe these images would quality for the WordPress Weeky Photo Challenge, Rule of Thirds?

The fountain is located just across a sidewalk from Seattle’s Space Needle. It was built for the 1962 World’s Fair and completely remodeled in 1995. It now serves as a friendly gathering place for people of all ages, but especially those who like to run around the fountain getting wet and cooling off on a hot sunny day. Although when I was visiting it wasn’t hot, nor completely sunny, and that didn’t seem to bother the kids running around that day.

The fountain uses recycled water and has a capacity of 9000 gallons. It’s run through three types of treatment before being spit out one of 137 nozzles, and is touted as probably the cleanest water in the city. Bonus! As you’re walking around the fountain, music is played through speakers built into the bowl area. The music selection is changed every month, during my visit on this day in December we heard several songs by Seattle based artists.

It’s definitely worth a visit before or after checking out the Space Needle.



Winter Cactus

Happy Holidays!

To see a post about the origination of the Christmas Tree, see my post from last year.

Time for my annual Winter Cactus post. A little early this year, just in time for the Winter Holidays. I’ve been growing two Winter Cacti in my home now for 6 years. I rooted them from a friends plant. They’ve both been growing heartily for 6 years now. Last year, was the first year they both produced flowers. One grew two and the other only one. This year, so far there’s just one flower on one, the second cactus has yet to show a flower. So, it’s exciting for me, to witness something growing as these 2 cacti have been. The flowers they are producing look extra-ordinary. As you can tell, the third image in this series looks like a dragon to me. Kind of good timing with the historic release of the Third Hobbit movie. This could easily be #Smaug. What do you think?

Peace, in the Winter time.


Winter Waterfalls

The Wilson River cuts a path through the Coast Range Mountains, and the Tillamook Bay, toward the Pacific Ocean in Northern Oregon. This beautiful river is largely protected having been established as part of the Tillamook State Forest. Wilson River is one of five rivers that drain the Tillamook Valley on the Oregon Coast. Oregon State Highway 6 runs along side most of the Wilson River as you’re moving from Portland to Tillamook. There are many pull outs along the way for creating some pretty amazing photos. I was fortunate to traverse that path a couple times about a month ago. As you can tell from the images, I was just a little too late to catch the Autumn Color Transition. Still some pretty amazing waterfall images to enjoy of this the first day of Winter, 2014.

Happy Holidays, enjoy, and peace


Cute Chickadees

In case you missed my previous posts this year regarding this wonderful bird. Here’s another opportunity to check them out. I had a couple opportunities to photograph Chickadees this past year, once at the Heron Haus Bed and Breakfast in Northwest Portland, and another time at Oswald West State Park on the Oregon Coast. Here are some leftover images that haven’t made it onto this blog yet. You can check out the other images by following the links provided above. I hope you like, please share with your friends and family.



Small Business Saturday! Here’s How You Can Help This Small Business!

You can help this Small Business on Small Business Saturday. I’m asking for no money, just a little bit of your time.

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I’m honored that six of my images this year were nominated for the first ever Viewbug Image of the Year Contest. And now, after 2 weeks of public voting, 2 of my initial 6 images have made it into the top 10% of images being voted on. This is way exciting news, and I’m honored that so many of the images I create are being recognized in this way.

It’s not over yet! Voting is still happening on the Viewbug Image of the Year 2014. Can you stop by and help vote? You do not have to be a Viewbug member to vote, just click on the link and you’ll be taken to the voting platform, where you’ll get a chance to vote on all images in this competition. The four images that did not make it into the top 10% yet, are still available for voting as well. Maybe, If I don’t win top recognition, at least I’ll get more images into the top 10%? The four images that have not yet made it into the Top 10% are posted below for ease of reference. I appreciate whatever help you have time to provide. Be sure to visit the voting link today.



Self with Sinatra

Vince Ferguson - Self with Sinatra

Vince Ferguson – Self with Sinatra

If you’re a regular followers of this blog, you’ll remember just last week I shared a memorial series of posts featuring my roommate cat, Sinatra. After 18 years, Sinatra woke up on Sunday morning, Nov. 9th and decided that his heart just couldn’t take another day. I’m not even a cat person but this guy practically turned me into one, simply by being a respectful, beautiful, friendly, and merciless when he came across a passing rodent.

I wanted to share one last image of this great cat. An intimate portrait of him and myself cuddling, me kissing his forehead. This image was created just two days before his passing. One can kind of tell, he was probably feeling like he wouldn’t be around for very much longer, and sure enough, two days later he transitioned. I hope you like this intimate portrait. I wasn’t sure about sharing this image, since it’s so personal, but I got some feedback from several folks who encouraged me to share with you. I hope you like it. Rest in Peace Sinatra.



Farewell to a Great Cat, Part 7

Vince Ferguson - Sinatra with Feather - Digital Image

Vince Ferguson – Sinatra with Feather – Digital Image

My friend and roommate Sinatra, transitioned on Sunday, Nov. 9th, 2014. In memory of this great cat, I am posting an image and a story of his life every day for a week, to honor this great cat! This is the final post of a 7 part memorial series.

After living in NW Portland, Sinatra and I compromised and found a cool place in SE Portland, still close to Downtown which is what I wanted, but a little more room for Sinatra to run around in. He had a private window that was hidden from the world to see, so he could get outside whenever he wanted, and seek shelter when needed. He lived here the longest – almost nine years.

In 2008 things changed for Sinatra. He got in a fight that kind of took the wind out of his sail. He didn’t come home for a long while – all day – these days it was very unusual for him to be gone more than a couple hours. When he did come home he was a little roughed up, plus his left eye was watering unusually heavily. It took a little bit to get him to recognize me, and ultimately come inside. But he did, and we waited a few days to see what would happen. I should have taken him to the vet right away, but I didn’t. Within a couple days his eye had swollen and I finally got him to the Vet. But too late for the Vet to do anything, they couldn’t see the eye so didn’t want to damage it while in surgery. I had to sit with him for a few days, twice a day, with a compress, until the wound cleared up. He hated this, it required him being wrapped up in a towel, so he wouldn’t scratch me to pieces, and being forced to sit still for at least 10 minutes.

A couple days into this his wound opened up and began draining. It happened one night when a friend and I had connected for dinner and a home movie. By draining, I mean, it bled! It bled so much, I started freaking out, I didn’t know at the time that it was normal and ultimately would stop. I took him to the emergency room, where they told me he would be fine, I just needed to keep sitting with him. It did stop, ultimately, and the wound cleared up and our relationship changed. I think we both began trusting each other a little more after this incident. I nursed him back to health, and he made a full recovery. But Sinatra never really went outside again after that. While he still needed to go out at least once a day, he was pretty much an indoor cat from then on. He stuck close to home.

An image of Sinatra with his wound healed and cleaned up can be found in yesterday’s post – Farewell to a Great Cat, Part 6 – look above his left eye.

It seems, he listened to me more after that incident also. Where we live now, my apartment unit is in the basement of a house, and accessible by a back door of the house. I usually have to walk around to the front of the house to get my mail. One day, I had just gotten home, and Sinatra was excitedly running under my feet, back and forth. I went to check my mail and he followed me to the front of the house. The upstairs neighbor had two cats; a black male that Sinatra liked to scruff around with, and a grey female that Sinatra liked to chase. The female didn’t like me very much either, so I was an interruption to her sitting on the front porch this particular day. When I jumped up on the porch, she jumped away, and immediately Sinatra was in chase. I hissed at Sinatra strongly, as I normally did when he was doing something I didn’t want him to do, and he stopped dead in his tracks! I was amazed at the sight! I was able to talk him back in to our place, without further thought of the grey cat.

RIP Sinatra, (1996?-2014)


Farewell to a Great Cat, Part 6

Vince Ferguson - Sinatra, 30 July 2006 - Digital Image

Vince Ferguson – Sinatra, 30 July 2006 – Digital Image

My friend and roommate Sinatra, transitioned on Sunday, Nov. 9th, 2014. In memory of this great cat, I am posting an image and a story of his life every day for a week, to honor this great cat! This is part 6 of a 7 part memorial series.

After living in Hood River, we finally made it into Portland, OR. To be exact, Northwest Portland, The Alphabet District. Definitely the most urban landscape where Sinatra and I had lived. We were here for two and a half years. Sinatra hated this place, he had absolutely no space to run around in, compared to the farm in Hood River, and definitely back on the commune. But he tolerated it, and I ended up living there a little too long for my comfort too. I liked the area, but having lived rural before, it was too urban for me too. I lived in a studio building in the middle of NW Irving St. between 19th and 20th Aves. There was a retaining wall 3 feet outside my only window. That space along the building is where Sinatra could run around. He went further I’m sure, but this was his immediate turf. Definitely still had it’s fair share of mice and rats, but different tactics were needed for successful hunting, and I don’t think Sinatra adapted very well? One night he brought home a mouse before coming in for the evening, that mouse ended up living with us for a couple days, until one night while sitting at home with Sinatra, the little mouse popped it’s head out into the open at the wrong time. Sinatra was on it immediately, scared the living daylights out of me. I didn’t know what was happening until Sinatra attacked! It was all so sudden, I didn’t feel sorry for that mouse at all. I did feel sorry that I had to witness it though.

There were also many nights after working in Downtown Portland, I would walk home up 19th Ave and turn the corner onto Irving St. and out would pop Sinatra from the bushes. He was waiting for me to come home, he would walk me home after a long day at work! Isn’t that romantic! My roommate cat waits for me at the end of the block and walks me home! I always thought that was cute!

RIP Sinatra, (1996?-2014)