Mount Hood Sunrise January 2015

I got an opportunity to head up to Rocky Butte the other day to photograph the sunrise and created this short series of images just as the Sun was peering over the horizon. The first few days of 2015 in the Portland area have been beautifully clear, but cold. It was very foggy on this particular morning, when I headed up to the Butte, I wasn’t sure if I’d see anything because of the fog. But it was lying low so the elevation was perfect for getting some clear images of Mount Hood. I got other images, but my camera is dirty right now, even though I just had it cleaned a couple months ago. If there’s any insight on how often a camera should be cleaned, please provide in the comments section. It seems too soon to have such a dirty sensor on my camera, but none-the-less. Once I get the other images cleaned up, they will be posted here. In the mean time, enjoy these beautiful ones. And please share with your friends.




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