Random Images – Seattle

Here are some random images from a visit up to Seattle a while ago.

Of course every photographer that visits Seattle has to find the obligatory image of the Public Market sign. I found it easily enough, and since everyone does eventually find this sign and takes a picture of it, I tried not to. I really did try not to get a image, but I ended up taking one regardless. It’s so present and kind of in a cool spot, I couldn’t resist.

I’d like to know more about the statue of the guy with the lamp, but couldn’t find anything out online about it? Even though in this image I have him standing upright, it’s mounted sideways on a wall, in a staircase at the Pike Place Market, very unusual. If you know anything about this statue please leave a comment.

And then one thing great about Seattle is the fish. Oh man, do they have a lot of fish. Speaking of obligatory images, there’s also the image of the guys at the market throwing the fish back and forth for the enjoyment of the market patrons. I tried to get a good image, but it didn’t work out this time. It happens so fast, next time I visit, I’ll try again. In the mean time, enjoy these image and please share with your friends.




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