Catherine Creek in Autumn

Catherine Creek in Southern Washington State is easily one of my favorite hikes in the Columbia River Gorge. I try really hard to get out there at least twice a year. Not to be confused with Catherine Creek State Park in Northeastern Oregon, which offers it’s own spectacular beauty. This beautiful place offers several trails for many various kinds of hikers, including an all access trail. All trails offer spectacular views of Mount Hood, The Columbia River Gorge, a beautiful waterfall, and a truly wondrous natural arch in the side of the cliff.

Perhaps the best hike, out of the many in this area, is the one that takes you right up the center of this little mini gorge, through a fairly young oak tree grove, and featuring 100 foot cliffs on both sides. The East side features a natural arch in wall that use to be climbable, but now due to lots more use, has be blocked off in order to preserve its beauty. Further past the arch the trail hikes up the steepest hill on the path, up to the top of the cliff. If one follows this trail by staying on the path to the right, the trial will led you along the top of the Eastern wall, and to the top of the natural arch. This is where the spectacular views of the Columbia River Gorge are best seen.

The best time of the year to check out this beautiful place is in the late Winter to mid Summer, when over 90 species of wild flowers dot the area with wonderful color. The images above don’t really do this area justice. They are just some images I created while on my first Autumn visit to Catherine Creek. If you like this post, please vote in the poll above, or comment below.

Thanks for stopping by this week. I’m changing things up a little beginning this week. On Thursdays, I will now be putting out posts featuring my own photography. Saturdays will feature a photo essay of some sort. Probably from the great photographers at And my featured artists posts will return someday. As soon as I can generate some more business.




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