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Mother Goose and Goslings

Okay, I found these images a couple months back while on a walk in Downtown Portland, OR. I was walking on the waterfront where, the Waterfront Blues Festival happens every 4th of July weekend. On a quieter, more serene day, one can usually find Canadian Geese mill about plucking at the grass. On this day I found goslings learning how to walk among the flock looking cute as ever. Don’t worry it may appear like I’m really close to the bird in some images, I’m not, I used my telephoto lens so I could stay out of harms way. Besides Mama and Papa Geese, and probably the rest of the flock, were watching me closely, as you can see in some images. My favorite is the gosling in the background and the blurred head other adult.




Cleopatra – Forest Feline

I visited Tryon Creek State Park yesterday in SW Portland yesterday and was afforded the opportunity to photograph new Spring growth in the forest. Those images will be forthcoming in future posts here. While out there walking around, I came across this little feline, with her human, out for a walk also, her name is Cleopatra and she reminded me of my awesome cat whom I lived with for 16 years. See my memorial tributes posted on this blog a year and a half ago. When Sinatra was younger he used to go for walks with me in the forest. I loved it. That forest was in my backyard, so it wasn’t difficult to get out. As far as I knew Sinatra never walked out in the forest by himself, but whenever I would go he loved to follow. And Cleopatra kind of looks just like Sinatra did. Such a cute cat, I was glad I got a chance to capture the moment.

I’m trying to create more posts here on my blog. I’ve been busy of late getting up to speed with a new photography job. Things are getting back to normal now, so hopefully you’ll get to see more posts here. Don’t give up on my.



Wild in the City – Laurelhurst Falcons

I found this young fledgling at Laurelhurst Park last week, probably complaining about the heat. If you’ll notice while she’s sitting there on the tree limb her wings are slightly lifted. Makes sense to me that with all those feathers, when they are folded tightly against her body, on a hot day, it’s doing nothing but generating heat? So, why not get some air flowing through? Even though it’s hot air, but probably not as hot up in the trees, lifting your wings, even just a little bit, is somewhat akin to turning on the air conditioning. At 95 degrees this day lifting the wings is something needed and very welcome.

There was a whole family of these beautiful birds on this day. I saw four of them at one time, they were playing chase with the squirrels. But only one of these beautys saw fit to be a model for me this day. The others were shy. It was a bonus to find these lovely birds squawking at each other this day. I’d merely went to the park to do some reading, but I did bring my camera and some nuts, thinking perhaps I’d lure a squirrel my way for some pictures. As luck would have it, the squirrels were hiding, but these falcons were definitely flying about.

I think the family lives in the park right now? The other day I was walking by the park and happened to catch 2 or 3 chasing and playing with each other, as they briefly flew away from the protective trees and over the sidewalk. There may be more images of these lovely birds coming soon, so be on the lookout.

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Willamette Valley, Oregon Country

One of the perks of the job I have is that I get to travel pretty much throughout the entire Northern portion of the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Rather than take the Interstate 5 Freeway, I prefer to take the scenic route – sometimes even purposely trying to “get lost” and finding my way back to civilization. That’s really the only way I’m going to find the really good scenes that will create really spectacular images.

Yesterday I had a job in Stayton. I nice, quaint little community East of Salem. I took the scenic route, and brought my camera. A lot of times it’s not worth taking my camera because I’m traveling early in the morning and it usually stays dark until I get to my destination. I’m a schools photographer, and need to be ready to portraits of the kids when they show up at school. I’m usually leaving in the afternoons during the harsh sun light. But it’s still possible to find great images in the harsh sunlight. While traveling along the Cascade Highway yesterday I came across a couple Mustard Grass farms. The landscape scenery was breath taking. I even got out of my car and walked a little ways into the field to find some images for my Flower Photo website. The field was buzzing with bee activity, I swear the whole area was literally vibrating. It was exciting but not something I’d recommend to someone who is allergic to bees. They didn’t bother me at all, probably under the influence of the flower euphoria.

It was definitely a memorable scene and I hope you like these images. Please share with your friends.



Winter Cactus

Happy Holidays!

To see a post about the origination of the Christmas Tree, see my post from last year.

Time for my annual Winter Cactus post. A little early this year, just in time for the Winter Holidays. I’ve been growing two Winter Cacti in my home now for 6 years. I rooted them from a friends plant. They’ve both been growing heartily for 6 years now. Last year, was the first year they both produced flowers. One grew two and the other only one. This year, so far there’s just one flower on one, the second cactus has yet to show a flower. So, it’s exciting for me, to witness something growing as these 2 cacti have been. The flowers they are producing look extra-ordinary. As you can tell, the third image in this series looks like a dragon to me. Kind of good timing with the historic release of the Third Hobbit movie. This could easily be #Smaug. What do you think?

Peace, in the Winter time.


Cute Chickadees

In case you missed my previous posts this year regarding this wonderful bird. Here’s another opportunity to check them out. I had a couple opportunities to photograph Chickadees this past year, once at the Heron Haus Bed and Breakfast in Northwest Portland, and another time at Oswald West State Park on the Oregon Coast. Here are some leftover images that haven’t made it onto this blog yet. You can check out the other images by following the links provided above. I hope you like, please share with your friends and family.



Self with Sinatra

Vince Ferguson - Self with Sinatra

Vince Ferguson – Self with Sinatra

If you’re a regular followers of this blog, you’ll remember just last week I shared a memorial series of posts featuring my roommate cat, Sinatra. After 18 years, Sinatra woke up on Sunday morning, Nov. 9th and decided that his heart just couldn’t take another day. I’m not even a cat person but this guy practically turned me into one, simply by being a respectful, beautiful, friendly, and merciless when he came across a passing rodent.

I wanted to share one last image of this great cat. An intimate portrait of him and myself cuddling, me kissing his forehead. This image was created just two days before his passing. One can kind of tell, he was probably feeling like he wouldn’t be around for very much longer, and sure enough, two days later he transitioned. I hope you like this intimate portrait. I wasn’t sure about sharing this image, since it’s so personal, but I got some feedback from several folks who encouraged me to share with you. I hope you like it. Rest in Peace Sinatra.



Farewell to a Great Cat, Part 7

Vince Ferguson - Sinatra with Feather - Digital Image

Vince Ferguson – Sinatra with Feather – Digital Image

My friend and roommate Sinatra, transitioned on Sunday, Nov. 9th, 2014. In memory of this great cat, I am posting an image and a story of his life every day for a week, to honor this great cat! This is the final post of a 7 part memorial series.

After living in NW Portland, Sinatra and I compromised and found a cool place in SE Portland, still close to Downtown which is what I wanted, but a little more room for Sinatra to run around in. He had a private window that was hidden from the world to see, so he could get outside whenever he wanted, and seek shelter when needed. He lived here the longest – almost nine years.

In 2008 things changed for Sinatra. He got in a fight that kind of took the wind out of his sail. He didn’t come home for a long while – all day – these days it was very unusual for him to be gone more than a couple hours. When he did come home he was a little roughed up, plus his left eye was watering unusually heavily. It took a little bit to get him to recognize me, and ultimately come inside. But he did, and we waited a few days to see what would happen. I should have taken him to the vet right away, but I didn’t. Within a couple days his eye had swollen and I finally got him to the Vet. But too late for the Vet to do anything, they couldn’t see the eye so didn’t want to damage it while in surgery. I had to sit with him for a few days, twice a day, with a compress, until the wound cleared up. He hated this, it required him being wrapped up in a towel, so he wouldn’t scratch me to pieces, and being forced to sit still for at least 10 minutes.

A couple days into this his wound opened up and began draining. It happened one night when a friend and I had connected for dinner and a home movie. By draining, I mean, it bled! It bled so much, I started freaking out, I didn’t know at the time that it was normal and ultimately would stop. I took him to the emergency room, where they told me he would be fine, I just needed to keep sitting with him. It did stop, ultimately, and the wound cleared up and our relationship changed. I think we both began trusting each other a little more after this incident. I nursed him back to health, and he made a full recovery. But Sinatra never really went outside again after that. While he still needed to go out at least once a day, he was pretty much an indoor cat from then on. He stuck close to home.

An image of Sinatra with his wound healed and cleaned up can be found in yesterday’s post – Farewell to a Great Cat, Part 6 – look above his left eye.

It seems, he listened to me more after that incident also. Where we live now, my apartment unit is in the basement of a house, and accessible by a back door of the house. I usually have to walk around to the front of the house to get my mail. One day, I had just gotten home, and Sinatra was excitedly running under my feet, back and forth. I went to check my mail and he followed me to the front of the house. The upstairs neighbor had two cats; a black male that Sinatra liked to scruff around with, and a grey female that Sinatra liked to chase. The female didn’t like me very much either, so I was an interruption to her sitting on the front porch this particular day. When I jumped up on the porch, she jumped away, and immediately Sinatra was in chase. I hissed at Sinatra strongly, as I normally did when he was doing something I didn’t want him to do, and he stopped dead in his tracks! I was amazed at the sight! I was able to talk him back in to our place, without further thought of the grey cat.

RIP Sinatra, (1996?-2014)


Farewell to a Great Cat, Part 6

Vince Ferguson - Sinatra, 30 July 2006 - Digital Image

Vince Ferguson – Sinatra, 30 July 2006 – Digital Image

My friend and roommate Sinatra, transitioned on Sunday, Nov. 9th, 2014. In memory of this great cat, I am posting an image and a story of his life every day for a week, to honor this great cat! This is part 6 of a 7 part memorial series.

After living in Hood River, we finally made it into Portland, OR. To be exact, Northwest Portland, The Alphabet District. Definitely the most urban landscape where Sinatra and I had lived. We were here for two and a half years. Sinatra hated this place, he had absolutely no space to run around in, compared to the farm in Hood River, and definitely back on the commune. But he tolerated it, and I ended up living there a little too long for my comfort too. I liked the area, but having lived rural before, it was too urban for me too. I lived in a studio building in the middle of NW Irving St. between 19th and 20th Aves. There was a retaining wall 3 feet outside my only window. That space along the building is where Sinatra could run around. He went further I’m sure, but this was his immediate turf. Definitely still had it’s fair share of mice and rats, but different tactics were needed for successful hunting, and I don’t think Sinatra adapted very well? One night he brought home a mouse before coming in for the evening, that mouse ended up living with us for a couple days, until one night while sitting at home with Sinatra, the little mouse popped it’s head out into the open at the wrong time. Sinatra was on it immediately, scared the living daylights out of me. I didn’t know what was happening until Sinatra attacked! It was all so sudden, I didn’t feel sorry for that mouse at all. I did feel sorry that I had to witness it though.

There were also many nights after working in Downtown Portland, I would walk home up 19th Ave and turn the corner onto Irving St. and out would pop Sinatra from the bushes. He was waiting for me to come home, he would walk me home after a long day at work! Isn’t that romantic! My roommate cat waits for me at the end of the block and walks me home! I always thought that was cute!

RIP Sinatra, (1996?-2014)


Farewell to a Great Cat, Part 5

Vince Ferguson - Sinatra, up Close - Digital Image

Vince Ferguson – Sinatra, up Close – Digital Image

My friend and roommate Sinatra, transitioned on Sunday, Nov. 9th, 2014. In memory of this great cat, I am posting an image and a story of his life every day for a week, to honor this great cat! This is part 5 of a 7 part memorial series.

After living in Eureka we transitioned to Portland, OR by spending a year in Hood River. Where we moved back to the rural lifestyle by living in a barn on a spread of land. Sinatra absolutely loved this place. There were tons of moles, whose population in the area needed to be weeded down a wee bit, and Sinatra was definitely up to the task. We lived here for nearly a year, and there weren’t very many days when I didn’t find a dead mole lying in the garage where Sinatra had access. Sinatra would have been 7 or 8 years in this world.

One day, having lived there a very short while, I came home from work to find the office covered in feathers. Gasp! I dragged out the vacuum and started cleaning up. The desk in the office was one of those old fashioned heavy duty desks that came with the place because you simply cannot move a desk like this. The desk is so huge, here’s enough room underneath to create the creepiest of hidden monster stories. As I was reaching the vacuum tube underneath this mighty desk, Thwump! The tube became clogged and all my monster stories came true! As, I removed the tube from under the desk, I find the hind side of a rat, with tail, hanging from the end of my vacuum tube. Sinatra had a bird AND a rat today! “Sinatra!” I yelled, throwing down the tube and jumping up!

RIP Sinatra, (1996?-2014)


Farewell to a Great Cat, Part 4

My friend and roommate, Sinatra, transitioned on Sunday, Nov. 9th, 2014. In memory of this great cat, I am posting an image and a story of his life every day for a week, to honor this great cat! This is part 4 of a 7 part memorial series.

After living in Arcata, CA we lived in Eureka, CA for a period of time. I didn’t like Eureka, CA but tolerated it for a while before ultimately moving to Portland, OR. It was close to work, but still a little too urban. Sinatra’s running around space dramatically lessened from the previous two forests where he use to live. But still he had access to outdoors, and opportunities to develop relationships increased. Sinatra was around 5 or 6 years, 3 years living together.

The neighbor cat was this cute little black kitten with a white speck on it’s neck. He liked to dart around everywhere, thus earning him the nickname Turbo. Couldn’t have been more than 4 months old before it’s human was letting him go outside. Well, he almost immediately met Sinatra with both of them traversing the same small territory. But, instead of fighting they started playing with each other. I would witness the two of them running across the long yard in front, chasing each other across the length of the yard, Turbo running behind, and catching up to Sinatra, then Sinatra would dive head first into the grass and the two of them would roll together, head to tail, to a stop. It was loads of fun to watch, it blew my mind the first time I saw it! The two of them. There were many a day when I’d come home from work to catch the two of them laying in my chair in the front room, together, dozing on a lazy afternoon. It was almost like Sinatra was mentoring Turbo. But alas, Turbo had to move away. It would have been nice, I think, to see where Sinatra and Turbo’s relationship would have gone, but alas, it was just Sinatra. These pictures are old school photography, taken with a disposable camera, not the best quality, but you get the idea of what it was like living with Sinatra and Turbo.

RIP Sinatra, (1996?-2014)


Farewell to A Great Cat, Part 3

Sinatra poses for the camera before heading out on a walk-a-bout.

Sinatra poses for the camera before heading out on a walk-a-bout.

My friend and roommate Sinatra, transitioned on Sunday, Nov. 9th, 2014. In memory of this great cat, I am posting an image and a story of his life every day for a week, to honor this great cat! This is part 3 of a 7 part memorial series.

A third story I like to share in fond remembrance of Sinatra comes at a time after we had left the commune and were living in a small town in Northern California. The backyard of the house where we lived was a 500 acre Redwood Forest. It was probably the best transition for Sinatra into domestic life. He had access to the great woods where he could hunt when he needed, but still seek shelter in the house whenever he wanted. While there were many nights he was allowed outside in his younger days, as he got older, we tended to pay attention to our “no outside” privileges after dark rule. While sometimes he would be a grump about this rule, he generally subscribed.

One day, while sitting in my place. It was a super small studio apartment in a 3 story, 4 unit house. I was sitting on the floor next to my bed, reading the local paper. My door was open, since it was a warm Spring or Summer day. Sinatra was running in and out of the house enjoying the beautiful day. After a bit I noticed he was gone for a period of time. I then noticed him come bouncing back into our place with something hanging from his mouth? I couldn’t recognize what it was until he threw it down on the paper I was reading – a small garter snake about 6 inches long. Sinatra proudly looked up at me as I freaked out, jumping up onto my bed, I pointed at the snake as I yelled “that needs to go back outside.”  He scooped it right back up and trounced right back outside with it. That was it, it was all over like that. I never saw the snake again (at least, I don’t think I did), although I know Sinatra probably had a nice gooey snack as I didn’t hear from him for at least the next few hours.

Rest in peace Sinatra, (1996?-2014)


Farewell to a Great Cat, Part 2

Sinatra on Red-1

My friend and roommate Sinatra, transitioned on Sunday, Nov. 9th, 2014. In memory of this great cat, I am posting an image and a story of his life every day for a week, to honor this great cat! This is part 2 of a 7 part memorial.

One of my earliest memories of Sinatra came to me one evening while at the commune where we met. My work partner and I were working near our barn just before dinner that night, when we heard some wrestling in the tall grass off to the side. We were distracted enough to investigate. As we approached the moving grass, this cat pops out of the tall grass, struggling with a squirrel half it’s size, hanging from it’s mouth. We were both amazed trying to figure out what to do. The squirrel wasn’t dead yet, but things weren’t looking good for it either. This cat had a look in it’s eyes, that was just pure wild as they fought. We decided to let things just work out the way it’s supposed to. Leave them alone, since out in the wild it is survival of the fittest. That night, that cat could be the prey to another animal.

This cat ultimately came to live with me for the next 16 years. Seeing him with that squirrel, and how wild he was at that moment, was a marked contrast to just 4 hours later when that cat came to sleep in the bus where I called home. And definitely a marked contrast to what he’s like today, literally begging for the canned Friskies I give him in the evenings now.

Rest in Peace Sinatra, 1996? – 2014


Farewell to A Great Cat, Part 1

Sinatra's official portrait from a few years back.

Sinatra’s official portrait from a few years back.

My friend and roommate for 16 years, Sinatra, transitioned this morning. His old heart just couldn’t take another day is this world, he woke up, tried to eat a little bit, convulsed, then laid down on his side one last time. It was literally that quick. He was already sick and we had scheduled a visit from the doctor for tomorrow, to assist in his transition, but Sinatra wanted to be in control of when he went, just as he’s done pretty much all of his 18 years. Rest in Peace Big Cat!

We came together during a 4 month spell of living in a 1947 Greyhound Bus on a small commune in Northern California. In fond remembrance of this great cat, I plan to release an image and story of his life here on this blog every day for the next week, my mourning period.

Rest in Peace Sinatra



Freakin’ Awesome!

Vince Ferguson - Chickadee - Digital Image

Vince Ferguson – Chickadee – Digital Image

Freakin’ Awesome! Special Announcement!

I just got word that this image took Second Place in the Lifetouch Region 8 Merit Image Contest – Fall 2014! Woohoo! This contest is open to Lifetouch Region 8 employees only, so the field of submitters are all awesome photographers in their own right. I know, I work with many of them.

If you’re a regular follower on this blog, you’ll remember last April I was awarded first place in this same image contest? Check it out here. And over the Summer it was announced that I was a Finalist in the Best in Photography 2014 contest through Photographer’s Forum Magazine. So, it’s been a banner year so far for me this year, and the year’s not even over yet! So, enjoy the images posted on this blog, share with your friends and know that you’re looking at images created by an award winning photographer! I’m so humbled that I get to say that!

It’s a great story surrounding the creation of this image I call Chickadee, you can refresh your memory of it by visiting the Charming Cheerful Chickadees.



Rocky Butte Falcon

Well, these aren’t awesome images, but they are pretty good, and very telling of the fact that I need another zoom lens. These images are blurry because I’ve zoomed in and cropped them from the original image that I created with my camera. I was at Rocky Butte in Portland, OR to find images of the Super Full Moon rising on the horizon behind Mount Hood. But the clouds on the horizon interfered with that endeavor, by blocking out Mount Hood. Still got some good images that I’ll probably share here one day, but this Falcon was flying around and these are the best images I could find. It was fun watching her flying around probably looking for dinner.

I hope you enjoy these images also, please share this post with your friends and companions.



Just Bee – 2014

I’m doing some Soul Searching right now.

So, I’m looking for suggestions on where to take this blog? It appears that what I’m doing isn’t really appealing to folks very much? I’m not attracting the number of followers, and my current followers don’t appear to be sharing this blog with their friends and contacts very much? While this blog was always about just giving an avenue to display the images I create, in an effort to generate business for my photography. None of that is happening right now, and I’d like to find out how I can make that happen? So, I’m cutting back on the number of posts I create each week. Until I can figure out what direction this blog is going, I’m planning to step back just a little bit while that is happening. I will continue to post some of my favorite images in a theme about once a week. Hopefully that will still generate interest in visiting this blog.

This week’s post features some of my favorite images of bees that I’ve found over this past Summer. I take a lot of images of flowers to maintain my 2 Quote A Flower blog. While taking images of flowers, one is bound to come across a bee or two. These are my favorites from over the Summer of 2014.

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Charming Cheerful Chickadees

I was out at Oswald West State Park on the Oregon Coast a couple weeks ago. My friends and I needed to take a break from the Summer Heat in Portland, so headed to the coast for our regular hike, where the day reach a crisp high of 62 degrees. It was a great comfortable hike. I’ve been out to Oswald West before, in fact, two of my great friends got married to each other on Short Sands Beach in the park, nearly a year ago. Here are a couple posts that I made last year featuring images from that wedding – Rings and Feet. It’s one of my favorite places on the coast. I’ve explored the North side of the park many times, so this time, I wanted to head South and explore that area for a bit. There are many old growth evergreen trees in this section. The trail we were on is part of the Oregon Coast Trail System, which I guess is a trail that follows the entire coast of Oregon. Towards the end of the trail, the trees give way to an open prairie on top of a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This is where we undoubtedly got a little too close to a nest of chickadees?  Because, all of a sudden there’s all these chickadees flying around us, and one in particular just chirping away, keeping her eye on us. It allowed me to take several pictures of these charming birds. Here are two of my favorites. Hope you like also?

Be sure to check out my previous post of Chickadees by visiting the link, just click on the word.


Sweetpea Memorial

My friend’s cat, Sweetpea is moving into the next life. So, my friend Art called me over and told me to bring my camera. This page is a dedicated memorial for Sweetpea. These will more than likely be the last images created of this, arguably, wonderful cat. In a concerted effort to not live up to her namesake, Sweetpea is extremely finicky regarding whom she allows to touch her. If anyone other than Art, her room mate, approaches her, she let’s out a mean hiss, and attempts to scratch and attack. I have never been able to pet this little lady, and from what I hear, no one else has either. Fortunately I didn’t have to get close to her to create these images. Seventeen years old, she is suffering from Renal Failure and has refused to take her medication to make her life more comfortable. Please feel free to make your comments below to wish her well in her final transition.



Summertime Swallowtails

I was reading a book in Laurelhurst Park the other day, at one point I looked up and saw this Swallowtail Butterfly flying around nearby. At first, I didn’t realize I had my camera with me, because I was so engrossed in the book I was reading – The Forest Unseen: A Year’s Watch in Nature by Haskell, David George unknown edition [Hardcover(2012)] After a time, I finished the chapter I was on, looked up and saw the Butterfly again. It was at that time that I remembered, I brought my camera with me, since I was hoping to find some images of the many squirrels that roam the park. Ha, it was time to try and find some good images of the solitary Swallowtail swarming around the brush. These images are so-so, I know, but decent none-the-less.

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