Sensational Sunflowers

Well, I’ve certainly accumulated a good amount of Sunflower images this Summer. It seems that, like Dahlias and Zinnias right now, Sunflowers are all over the place? And the bees seem to really like Sunflowers? That’s probably normal, I just don’t remember actually seeing so many bees swarming around the Sunflower in the past?

The sunflower is the official Kansas State Flower. The only reason I know that is because I spent some time living in Kansas a few years back. These images are not from Kansas, they are indeed found while out on my several walks around Portland, OR so far this Summer. Hope you like these images and why not have a few Sunflower Seeds while viewing.

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2 thoughts on “Sensational Sunflowers

  1. I like the first picture best, the focusing is spot on and the colours are great.


    1. Yeah! Thanks for the feedback Ben!


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