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What is a Bee to the Flower?

Yellow Iris Bee

I miss the Bees! Particularly the Honeybees.

That’s what it could sound like in a few years if we keep going the rate we’re going? Of course, right now I’m missing the bees because it’s the middle of Winter. I literally can’t wait to photograph bees among the flowers again this coming Summer!

According to a report published on the Bee Informed website last May, America lost 44% of it’s Honeybee population over the previous two years. That’s typically more than twice what the normal rate of honeybee loss is in an average year. The fact that the honeybee loss over the Summer season has increased dramatically, as well as the loss over the Winter Season increasing, has many folks very concerned. Personally, I feel this article, link above, puts a lot of blame on parasites rather than focusing on pesticides like Neonicotinoids. While the article does mention pesticides as contributing, it pretty much puts the blame on small backyard beekeepers. When a swarm of dead bees are found underneath a fruit tree that’s recently been sprayed with pesticides, as happened in Wilsonville, Oregon a few years back, I find it difficult to believe that’s because of a parasite from backyard beekeepers.

Anyway, it was Albert Einstein who said, “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.”That’s very concerning, I just hope we’re not in those last 4 years yet?

If America doesn’t care enough about it’s dwindling honeybee population, it’s my hope that another nation will pick up the slack?

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Willamette Valley, Oregon Country

One of the perks of the job I have is that I get to travel pretty much throughout the entire Northern portion of the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Rather than take the Interstate 5 Freeway, I prefer to take the scenic route – sometimes even purposely trying to “get lost” and finding my way back to civilization. That’s really the only way I’m going to find the really good scenes that will create really spectacular images.

Yesterday I had a job in Stayton. I nice, quaint little community East of Salem. I took the scenic route, and brought my camera. A lot of times it’s not worth taking my camera because I’m traveling early in the morning and it usually stays dark until I get to my destination. I’m a schools photographer, and need to be ready to portraits of the kids when they show up at school. I’m usually leaving in the afternoons during the harsh sun light. But it’s still possible to find great images in the harsh sunlight. While traveling along the Cascade Highway yesterday I came across a couple Mustard Grass farms. The landscape scenery was breath taking. I even got out of my car and walked a little ways into the field to find some images for my Flower Photo website. The field was buzzing with bee activity, I swear the whole area was literally vibrating. It was exciting but not something I’d recommend to someone who is allergic to bees. They didn’t bother me at all, probably under the influence of the flower euphoria.

It was definitely a memorable scene and I hope you like these images. Please share with your friends.



Just Bee – 2014

I’m doing some Soul Searching right now.

So, I’m looking for suggestions on where to take this blog? It appears that what I’m doing isn’t really appealing to folks very much? I’m not attracting the number of followers, and my current followers don’t appear to be sharing this blog with their friends and contacts very much? While this blog was always about just giving an avenue to display the images I create, in an effort to generate business for my photography. None of that is happening right now, and I’d like to find out how I can make that happen? So, I’m cutting back on the number of posts I create each week. Until I can figure out what direction this blog is going, I’m planning to step back just a little bit while that is happening. I will continue to post some of my favorite images in a theme about once a week. Hopefully that will still generate interest in visiting this blog.

This week’s post features some of my favorite images of bees that I’ve found over this past Summer. I take a lot of images of flowers to maintain my 2 Quote A Flower blog. While taking images of flowers, one is bound to come across a bee or two. These are my favorites from over the Summer of 2014.

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Which Bee Photo Do You Like Better?

Could you give me some feedback on which of these two images you like better? I like constructive criticism, so be honest, but be nice too. I appreciate your feedback.

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