Spring Magnolias

Can I say… “Spring is here!”

Well, perhaps not in your neck of the woods? But it’s hit with an abundance in Portland, Oregon. The Daffodils have almost run their course, the Crocuses, are dying off now, and this week, I went for a walk in Laurelhurst Park and found my first Magnolia tree in blossom for the season. I remember growing up and my Mom always saying the Magnolia was one of her favorite trees and flowers. She also liked Roses and Peonys. In this post I present a couple images I found on that walk, and the third image is actually of a Star Magnolia blossom, otherwise know as a Japanese Magnolia. The scent these flowers give off is simply magnificent.

It was only a few weeks ago when pretty much all of Portland was coated in ice and snow, as can be indicated from these icy images from a post I made a few weeks ago. One of the images included in that post features an iced over branch and Magnolia buds. I think it’s pretty fascinating to see these beautiful Magnolia flower emerge from it’s icy history.

Now that Spring is here, you’ll probably see a lot of flower pictures here on the Emerald Studio Photo blog. I hope you like it? Let me know if you don’t. Please share this post with your friends and contacts. Likes and Comments are always appreciated.




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