Winter Iciness

The Pacific Northwest got it’s once every 5 year snow storm over the past few days. I think this is more snow that I’ve seen since I left Kansas City? It’s been very beautiful, despite it’s destructiveness. I ventured out over to Laurelhurst Park and surrounding neighborhood this morning to see what kind of images I might be able to find. Though I felt it needed to be documented, I purposely skipped over the garbage heaps and empty beer bottles left over by all the snow revelers. You know, I’m one to have a great time and enjoy these rare snow storms by sledding and skiing and just enjoying the cold, but I was always taught to clean up after myself? Not to just leave my broken toys for somebody else to clean up. It’s amazing how many people think they can just leave their popped air toys, broken down cardboard boxes, and empty cups and beer bottles for the park personnel to pick up? I was really bummed to have seen such a littered park this morning.

But I digress. I managed to find some beauty in the ice and snow. Hopefully I’ve presented some of that beauty with this post. While I found a lot of different images, the running theme today seemed to be iced branches and plants. Here are three images of a couple Magnolia Buds,  Heavenly Bamboo berries, and a tree branch sticking out of the icy pond. All covered in ice.

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