Tracking the Sunrise, Part 2

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Here’s the second installment in my Tracking the Sunrise series. As mentioned in Tracking the Sunrise, Part 1, I want to attempt to get up to Rocky Butte in Portland, OR and create images of the Sunrise in relation to Mount Hood as the Sun tracks to the North. Currently, the sun is rising South of Mount Hood, as seen from Portland, Oregon. I estimate the sun will rise directly behind Mount Hood some where around Feb. 28th.

I created these images on the VERY cold morning of Feb. 5th, 2014. It was a blistering 20 degrees and I almost gave up. But I knew I wouldn’t get a chance at seeing the Sunrise for a good couple weeks, so I stuck it out. By the time the sun appeared over the horizon, I was ready to leave. I snapped my camera about 10 times, and surprisingly, give my fingers were nearly frost bitten, I took some fairly decent images. As seen in the slideshow presented here. The next day on Feb. 6, Portland received around 5 inches of snow. And it looks like we’re not going to see the sun for at least a week and a half. So, hopefully, I’ll get to finish this project?

In the meantime enjoy this slideshow of the Sun rising just South of Mount Hood on Feb. 5th. Like this post? Rate the post by voting above, or Like/Comment below.




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