Oregon Ducks!

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Also known as the Mallard, this is the Wild Duck equivalent to the Domestic Duck – which is largely breed for food, show, or pets. The Mallard is the duck you find down at the local pond. They are very adaptable to the urban environment, as well as the rural environment. Not only found in Oregon, they are very prevalently throughout temperate and subtropical America, Europe and North Africa. They’ve been introduced to some negative effect in Australia and New Zealand.

It’s fun to go do the local pond and watch these ducks, but they can be very mean animals to each other as well. Sometime targeting specific animals in the group and pecking at it until exhaustion. Most times the ordeal ending with the death of the targeted duck. I’ve witnessed this behavior several times at the pond in my local park. It’s a very aggressive and difficult thing to watch.

On a lighter note, when mating season comes along, the males will pair up with their chosen female and will only be together with that female until the mating is complete. They then separate with the female fending for herself during nesting. The males will even many times start looking for a second or third female to mate with. The female will usually give birth to her brood in the early Spring. They will spend the Spring and Summer teaching and learning.

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