Tracking the Sunrise, Pt. 5

Well, I have to say I was immensely surprise this morning. It was the first morning in about two weeks that Portland, Oregon has seen a completely clear sky at sunrise. I headed up to Rocky Butte to see if I could cap off my Tracking the Sunrise series, and the surprise came when I saw the Sun peer over the horizon at sunrise, to see that is was so far North of Mount Hood. It has only been a couple weeks, when we last saw the Sun rising just South of Mount Hood, as seen from Rocky Butte. You can see for yourself in the images of this post and what we saw in Tracking the Sunrise, Pt. 3 with images from Feb 23. It’s only been 2 1/2 weeks, the Sun sure did travel fast?

Anyway, enjoy this final post of the Tracking the Sunrise series. I’ll more than likely still post Sunrise images, but the next installment of the Tracking the Sunrise series probably won’t appear until next October, when the sun travels back South and again starts to approach Mount Hood.

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