Tracking the Sunrise, Pt 3

Vince Ferguson - Mount Hood Sunrise Panoramic - Digital Image
Vince Ferguson – Mount Hood Sunrise Panoramic – Digital Image

I’m not a huge fan of these images. I guess I was just off, in regards to exposure settings, this day. Well, some are salvageable, and I want to present some of those in today’s posst. These are part of my Tracking the Sunrise series. Yes, the clouds cleared somewhat for a couple days, giving us an opportunity to see where the sun is rising in regards the Mount Hood’s location, as seen from Rocky Butte in Portland, Oregon. The first day (Saturday), while it was clear out, Mount Hood itself was covered in clouds. Combine that with the clouds off on the horizon, I couldn’t see where the sun was rising exactly. I found some cool pictures, but not good enough to show just yet. The images in this post were created on Sunday, Jan. 23. As you can tell, the sun is now rising just South of the Mount Hood pinnacle. You may get a better idea from the last two images in this post? This was all I could get and probably what I’ll get, now, the clouds have returned and there are currently no clear mornings in the forecast. I’ll be up at Rocky Butte on the next clear morning to see where the sun rises on the horizon. Until then, enjoy these for now.

I hope you like? Be honest, I love constructive criticism. If you have any suggestions for making these images better, by all means, leave a comment or two. Or, if you just love these images, give this post a like, better yet… share with your friends.




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