Blurred Robins

During last month’s Winter Snow Storm here in Portland, I just had to get out and find some images that might be interested. With nearly 10″ of snow on the ground I ventured out over to Laurelhurst Park to see what awaits. I found several images that ended up being pretty cool, but perhaps the most intriguing came when I was ready to leave the park. I walked by a part of the park where there are several Magnolia trees, and an occasional Holly bush. Since the ground was frozen and they couldn’t dig up worms, the Robins were raiding the Holly berries for their morning meal. Robin’s seem to be fairly skittish birds, at least they were on this particular morning. They were moving about at a very high rate. Perhaps because of me, but I think probably more because it was so cold out? They were hopping all over these Holly bushes, moving around. By the time I got my camera pointed at them, they had already moved on to another part of the bush, or a different tree altogether. That’s why these are so blurry, a combination of the birds moving around fast, and me moving my camera as they would take off. But I think these are some pretty interesting images anyway? If not out of the ordinary?

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