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Magnolia: The Magnificent Spring Tree

I had to confess last week, upon walking through a local park, I picked a Magnolia Blossom and brought it home. It was just too tempting to not get that flower under my lights in the studio and create some images. My justification was that if perhaps I come up with some decent images, maybe this beautiful Magnolia flower will be seen by folks worldwide, rather than by those who happened to be walking by when this blossom was blooming? Maybe this flower will bring some inspiration to some who takes its beauty in? Well, that’s a big Maybe? But here are a handful of images that I was able to create after getting this beauty in a light box and under some studio lighting. Hope you like, and happy Spring.




The Noble Magnolia

I had such a good session on Saturday night, visiting Laurelhurst Park to find some images of flowers that might be blooming there. I just had to share these with you. I found over 30 good images, there are my favorite three. The Magnolia Tree is so spectacular this when it’s flowering, beautiful colors, odors, it’s simply amazing. I hope I’ve captured it’s nobility with some of these images? I went out during the magic hour, just before sunset. The Magnolia wasn’t the only thing blooming, just my favorite. I got some other images too, that I’ll more than likely be sharing in the coming weeks.

Laurelhurst Park has many different varieties of Magnolias. This is only what’s blooming so far. They are the early birds, and early they are. Although it is March now, maybe only a little  bit early? There will be more blooms coming up the near future. I’ll try and capture those as well. In the mean time, enjoy these for now. Be sure to share with your friends. Help me spread the word about this blog.



Photo Contest Winner – Magnolia

Vince Ferguson - Magnolia - Digital Image

Vince Ferguson – Magnolia – Digital Image

I’m way excited to announce that this image of a beautiful Magnolia flower just took first place this week in a little photo contest.

I work for a photography company called Lifetouch National School Studios creating high quality portraits of our youth in local schools. One of the perks of this job is that we get to enter our photography, both personal and work related, into company sponsored Photo Contests. This particular contest was sponsored by our local Region 8 here on the West Coast. Out of 50 images submitted, this image took first place. There were a lot of awesome images by many great photographers, in this contest, so I feel extremely lucky to have garnered this recognition. I want to express my thanks to Lifetouch for sponsoring this contest. I look forward to more opportunities in the future.

Stick around here at this blog, and visit some of the posts, for more great images to see. You can purchase prints for many of the images seen on this blog at my Viewbug page – Emerald Studio Photography.



More Magnificent Magnolias

Here are more images of the Magnolia flower for your enjoyment.

I was in Salem, OR this past week and decided to walk around Willamette University to see what kind of flowers might be growing there right now. I found many! But here is my Magnolia collection that I wanted to share, on the tails of yesterday’s “Magnificent Magnolia Flower” post. The first image I believe is of the Yellow Bird variety of Magnolia. Please correct me if I’m wrong, I’m still learning my flowers.

There are fossilized specimens of plants relating to the Magnolia dating back 95 million years ago. The tree and flower pre-date bee’s. Originally having developed pollination to be carried out by beetles crawling on it’s tree. There are over 250 different species within the Magnolia family. Different varieties of the Magnolia tree can be found native throughout this lovely Earth.

That’s it for this week! I hope you like my Magnolia Flower presentation? There may be more to come in the following weeks, depends on what else I find on my travels around this great state. Please share this post with your friends and family. I’d really like to see more followers join this blog. So, become a follower today.

You can check out, and purchase prints, of these images, and many others, on my Viewbug profile  –Emerald Studio Photography



Magnificent Magnolia Flower

Here’s a nice little poem to celebrate this year’s opening of the magnificent Magnolia Tree. The first image in this posts is an image of a couple Magnolia Buds, nearly ready to blossom, but restrained from doing so because of ice, during a cold spell. I like the progression of these images from iced over flower buds to full flowering plant. To help celebrate the opening, here’s a cool little poem written by Hyesim…

Magnolia, the Lotus of Trees

Observing leaves: at first, I doubt they are persimmon—
looking at the blossoms, I doubt they are lotus.
How fortunate there are no fixed forms—
this tree has no comparison.

~Chin’gak Kuksa Hyesim (1178 – 1234) was the second Patriarch of the Korean Buddhist Chogye Order and the first Zen Master dedicated to poetry in Korea. This poem can be found translated in the book, Magnolia & Lotus: Selected Poems of Hyesim (Korean Voices Series)

Spring Magnolias

Can I say… “Spring is here!”

Well, perhaps not in your neck of the woods? But it’s hit with an abundance in Portland, Oregon. The Daffodils have almost run their course, the Crocuses, are dying off now, and this week, I went for a walk in Laurelhurst Park and found my first Magnolia tree in blossom for the season. I remember growing up and my Mom always saying the Magnolia was one of her favorite trees and flowers. She also liked Roses and Peonys. In this post I present a couple images I found on that walk, and the third image is actually of a Star Magnolia blossom, otherwise know as a Japanese Magnolia. The scent these flowers give off is simply magnificent.

It was only a few weeks ago when pretty much all of Portland was coated in ice and snow, as can be indicated from these icy images from a post I made a few weeks ago. One of the images included in that post features an iced over branch and Magnolia buds. I think it’s pretty fascinating to see these beautiful Magnolia flower emerge from it’s icy history.

Now that Spring is here, you’ll probably see a lot of flower pictures here on the Emerald Studio Photo blog. I hope you like it? Let me know if you don’t. Please share this post with your friends and contacts. Likes and Comments are always appreciated.



Beautiful Flowers

Here are a couple beautiful floral images to brighten your winter gray day, and hopefully get you through to the Spring time?

One would think that the Iris is my favorite flower, given all the Images of Irises I have created. Probably not here on my blog, but check out my View Bug page to see more. But it’s actually not, the Trillium flower of the Redwood Forests is my favorite flowers. That doesn’t mean the Iris isn’t a beautiful flower. It definitely is! And these are great images to prove it. I’ve got an image of a Trillium here too. Plus, an image of a Magnolia Flower, that I’ve recently taken. I hope you enjoy, feel free to comment, and check out more great images at my Facebook page.