A Time for Winter

While much of the Northern part of the North America is covered in a cold snow blanket from the great Winter Storm of 2014, the Portland on the Left Coast area stayed fairly warm and wet. This is why I live here. I feel for those in the white regions, and do not fondly remember the days of growing up and trudging through that snow twice a day so folks could read their newspapers. Thankfully on those cold snowy mornings, my dad would grudgingly wake up early enough to help me get those papers out, by driving me around on my route. Our aim was to throw those papers up the snowy yards right onto their front porch. Sometimes we’d miss and I had to get out and walk the paper to the door. But at least it wasn’t like the afternoons, when I had to walk my entire route, in show boots, and thick clothing, with a 50 lb bag of papers over my shoulders. Hmm, the glory of getting home and removing all that gear, and getting to sit in front of the fire place for an hour. “It’ll build character!”

My thoughts are with the folks living in the Midwest and the East sitting under their cold blanket of snow this week, as I step outside my backdoor to create these images of the bare Autumn Moon Japanese Maples, with residual spider webs left over from the Fall, in my little backyard.

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