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Magnolia: The Magnificent Spring Tree

I had to confess last week, upon walking through a local park, I picked a Magnolia Blossom and brought it home. It was just too tempting to not get that flower under my lights in the studio and create some images. My justification was that if perhaps I come up with some decent images, maybe this beautiful Magnolia flower will be seen by folks worldwide, rather than by those who happened to be walking by when this blossom was blooming? Maybe this flower will bring some inspiration to some who takes its beauty in? Well, that’s a big Maybe? But here are a handful of images that I was able to create after getting this beauty in a light box and under some studio lighting. Hope you like, and happy Spring.




Another Autumn Nearly Passed

Wow! It’s difficult to believe that Autumn is nearly two-thirds gone already? In a little over 30 days from today, Winter will be presenting it’s likeness for all to enjoy! And the holidays are just around the corner from that.

Yesterday, while working on some images that will be presented in an upcoming post, probably later this week, I found this golden colored Maple Leaf barely hanging on to this Heavenly Bamboo leaf in my backyard. It made for an impromptu photo session to get the images posted in today’s post. Pretty cool from my humble opinion? What do you think?

I hope you’re enjoying the Autumn season so far this year? Watching the leaves change colors on the trees and gather on the ground has been a thorough enjoyment for me to experience this year. I’ve enjoyed posted all the colors of Autumn, if you’ve missed any of them take a moment of your time to go back and review. I think you’ll like? And in the meantime, share with your friends. I need all the exposure I can get.

I also wanted to briefly state that I #standUnited with #France and against bullying, intimidation and violent threats. There’s only room for #peace in this #World, let’s start living it today.



Autumn Trees

I am absolutely bummed that not a single person has responded to my offer for creating Fall Portraits! Please see offer by visit this link – Lunchtime Photo Sessions. Well actually, one person responded saying it was a good idea, making it seem like she might be interested. I contacted her with more details but I never heard back regarding. I’m absolutely devastated about this missed opportunity, and the missed opportunity to work with others to find some great images during this Autumn Season. I mean, I absolutely love conducting photo sessions, but I seem to never get the opportunity.

Fact is, I’m not getting very much response at all regarding any of the blogs I post? I’m really trying to figure out where to go from here. Any feedback would be appreciated? I mean, here on WordPress, from other WordPress members, I receive a small number of likes on my posts, but nobody ever visits? The total number of visits to my blog on a daily basis averages around 10. The average number of “likes” I receive could be somewhere around twice that. And, nobody ever “Shares” my blog posts. I’m trying to figure out how one can like a post if they’ve never been there to see the post? Maybe WordPress isn’t the best place to facilitate a blog? I’m not sure? My blog just seems to have gotten lost in the WordPress fodder.

I’m convinced that I’m a fairly decent photographer, definitely not the best out there in the World, but aren’t I better than to be subjected to an average of 10 viewers per day? Any feedback that can be given that could shed some insight would be greatly appreciated. Would love to become a featured blog on WordPress, but I guess the chance of that happening are fairly slim?

Well, that’s my rant for the day! These days I’m outdoor finding images of Autumn. In my travels I’ve created some pretty interesting images of trees and leafs changing colors. Today I want to feature some trees I’ve come across. The images above are of a Paperbark Maple Tree, a Red Oak Tree, and a Birch Tree. Hope you enjoy, sorry for my rant, and please share.



Photographer Walks by Sugar Maple Tree in Autumn

This is what I found when I walked by a Sugar Maple Tree this morning. It was quite a mesmerizing experience to me. Oh My, the red colors. Up close, and far away, this tree produces some electrifying red tones, striking from just about every angle. I hope you like this weeks selection of images, in celebration of Autumn 2015.

I hope you like? Please remember to share with your friends.



Wild in the City – Laurelhurst Falcons

I found this young fledgling at Laurelhurst Park last week, probably complaining about the heat. If you’ll notice while she’s sitting there on the tree limb her wings are slightly lifted. Makes sense to me that with all those feathers, when they are folded tightly against her body, on a hot day, it’s doing nothing but generating heat? So, why not get some air flowing through? Even though it’s hot air, but probably not as hot up in the trees, lifting your wings, even just a little bit, is somewhat akin to turning on the air conditioning. At 95 degrees this day lifting the wings is something needed and very welcome.

There was a whole family of these beautiful birds on this day. I saw four of them at one time, they were playing chase with the squirrels. But only one of these beautys saw fit to be a model for me this day. The others were shy. It was a bonus to find these lovely birds squawking at each other this day. I’d merely went to the park to do some reading, but I did bring my camera and some nuts, thinking perhaps I’d lure a squirrel my way for some pictures. As luck would have it, the squirrels were hiding, but these falcons were definitely flying about.

I think the family lives in the park right now? The other day I was walking by the park and happened to catch 2 or 3 chasing and playing with each other, as they briefly flew away from the protective trees and over the sidewalk. There may be more images of these lovely birds coming soon, so be on the lookout.

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The Noble Magnolia

I had such a good session on Saturday night, visiting Laurelhurst Park to find some images of flowers that might be blooming there. I just had to share these with you. I found over 30 good images, there are my favorite three. The Magnolia Tree is so spectacular this when it’s flowering, beautiful colors, odors, it’s simply amazing. I hope I’ve captured it’s nobility with some of these images? I went out during the magic hour, just before sunset. The Magnolia wasn’t the only thing blooming, just my favorite. I got some other images too, that I’ll more than likely be sharing in the coming weeks.

Laurelhurst Park has many different varieties of Magnolias. This is only what’s blooming so far. They are the early birds, and early they are. Although it is March now, maybe only a little  bit early? There will be more blooms coming up the near future. I’ll try and capture those as well. In the mean time, enjoy these for now. Be sure to share with your friends. Help me spread the word about this blog.



Photo Contest Winner – Magnolia

Vince Ferguson - Magnolia - Digital Image

Vince Ferguson – Magnolia – Digital Image

I’m way excited to announce that this image of a beautiful Magnolia flower just took first place this week in a little photo contest.

I work for a photography company called Lifetouch National School Studios creating high quality portraits of our youth in local schools. One of the perks of this job is that we get to enter our photography, both personal and work related, into company sponsored Photo Contests. This particular contest was sponsored by our local Region 8 here on the West Coast. Out of 50 images submitted, this image took first place. There were a lot of awesome images by many great photographers, in this contest, so I feel extremely lucky to have garnered this recognition. I want to express my thanks to Lifetouch for sponsoring this contest. I look forward to more opportunities in the future.

Stick around here at this blog, and visit some of the posts, for more great images to see. You can purchase prints for many of the images seen on this blog at my Viewbug page – Emerald Studio Photography.




It’s Earth Day 2014! Here’s my contribution, a presentation of leafs and flowers in bloom.

I think I’m going out on a limb with this #MyBeautifulEarth post? I have to admit, I don’t really see a lot of images of new leaflets or flower buds just at the budding stage of their development? Spring is in full bloom, and I’ve had my camera pointed toward many fresh, Spring blossoms, just starting out in their short life. Here are a sample of my favorite images of late.

I hope you like, please share this post with your friends and connections. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to re-visit on Friday for some awesome #Spring Flowers.



More Magnificent Magnolias

Here are more images of the Magnolia flower for your enjoyment.

I was in Salem, OR this past week and decided to walk around Willamette University to see what kind of flowers might be growing there right now. I found many! But here is my Magnolia collection that I wanted to share, on the tails of yesterday’s “Magnificent Magnolia Flower” post. The first image I believe is of the Yellow Bird variety of Magnolia. Please correct me if I’m wrong, I’m still learning my flowers.

There are fossilized specimens of plants relating to the Magnolia dating back 95 million years ago. The tree and flower pre-date bee’s. Originally having developed pollination to be carried out by beetles crawling on it’s tree. There are over 250 different species within the Magnolia family. Different varieties of the Magnolia tree can be found native throughout this lovely Earth.

That’s it for this week! I hope you like my Magnolia Flower presentation? There may be more to come in the following weeks, depends on what else I find on my travels around this great state. Please share this post with your friends and family. I’d really like to see more followers join this blog. So, become a follower today.

You can check out, and purchase prints, of these images, and many others, on my Viewbug profile  –Emerald Studio Photography



Magnificent Magnolia Flower

Here’s a nice little poem to celebrate this year’s opening of the magnificent Magnolia Tree. The first image in this posts is an image of a couple Magnolia Buds, nearly ready to blossom, but restrained from doing so because of ice, during a cold spell. I like the progression of these images from iced over flower buds to full flowering plant. To help celebrate the opening, here’s a cool little poem written by Hyesim…

Magnolia, the Lotus of Trees

Observing leaves: at first, I doubt they are persimmon—
looking at the blossoms, I doubt they are lotus.
How fortunate there are no fixed forms—
this tree has no comparison.

~Chin’gak Kuksa Hyesim (1178 – 1234) was the second Patriarch of the Korean Buddhist Chogye Order and the first Zen Master dedicated to poetry in Korea. This poem can be found translated in the book, Magnolia & Lotus: Selected Poems of Hyesim (Korean Voices Series)

Tree Comparisons

In my last post I featured some abstract images of a pool of water that I created a few Summer’s ago along the Eagle Creek Trail in The Columbia River Gorge. With this post we travel a few miles South, about 60 miles South to be exact, and feature an organism for which water provides sustenance. The two images in this post are of the same tree, in two different seasons – Winter and Summer. I like the comparison of this mighty Oak Tree fully dressed in it’s Summer outfight and completely naked. This tree grows in a field, and while it’s somewhat alone (if you look closely, there’s a second tree behind the first). And actually as part of the illusion that I love about photography, these two trees are actually part of a whole grove of might Oak Trees that grow on both sides of this tree. While, the whole scene is very beautiful and serene, this tree captured all by itself still encompasses some of that beauty.

I hope you like this Tree Comparison too? Vote in the poll above or comment/like below. Thanks for stopping by this week.



A Time for Winter

While much of the Northern part of the North America is covered in a cold snow blanket from the great Winter Storm of 2014, the Portland on the Left Coast area stayed fairly warm and wet. This is why I live here. I feel for those in the white regions, and do not fondly remember the days of growing up and trudging through that snow twice a day so folks could read their newspapers. Thankfully on those cold snowy mornings, my dad would grudgingly wake up early enough to help me get those papers out, by driving me around on my route. Our aim was to throw those papers up the snowy yards right onto their front porch. Sometimes we’d miss and I had to get out and walk the paper to the door. But at least it wasn’t like the afternoons, when I had to walk my entire route, in show boots, and thick clothing, with a 50 lb bag of papers over my shoulders. Hmm, the glory of getting home and removing all that gear, and getting to sit in front of the fire place for an hour. “It’ll build character!”

My thoughts are with the folks living in the Midwest and the East sitting under their cold blanket of snow this week, as I step outside my backdoor to create these images of the bare Autumn Moon Japanese Maples, with residual spider webs left over from the Fall, in my little backyard.

I hope you enjoy this post, rate it above or comment/like below. Thanks for stopping by this week.



Bedroom Tea Party

Vince Ferguson - Bedroom Tea Party - Digital Image

Vince Ferguson – Bedroom Tea Party – Digital Image

I want to reach 100 followers of this blog by the end of this year. I’m currently at 97. Will you help me out? Become a follower today! And thanks for everyone’s support.

Laurelhurst Park in Portland, Oregon is easily my favorite park. Of course, I’m somewhat bias, since I live just 2 blocks away. But, really, it is definitely an extraordinary park. It’s 5 Portland blocks long and 4 blocks wide, and bordered by some of the most beautiful houses in Portland.

What I really like about this park is all of the old trees. All different kinds of trees, Magnolias, Chinese Redwoods, Sequoia, Larch, Douglas Fir, etc, etc,. I’d almost swear there’s probably every species of trees living in that park. Along one of the paths, there exists a tree with an opening at the base of it. It’s perfect for placing different objects withing. For the nearly 8 years that I’ve lived down the street from this park, I’d walk in the park nearly daily, and whenever I’d walk by this one particular tree, there’s always something different placed there. There’s been single objects there, like this Magnolia Flower Blossom. There’s been groups of objects found. Objects have been placed there in remembrance of people unknown. And various scenes created like the image in this post. It’s always fun to walk by to  see what’s happening in the tree.

This time I walked by and saw this little bedroom re-created within. And, I had my camera with me that time. So, I was able to capture the scene permanently. I’m calling this image Bedroom Tea Party.



Where Did the Christmas Tree Come From?

To read an excellent story about a possible origination of Santa Claus visit The Robert Moss Blog.

To help illustrate today’s post, I’ve chosen images of three Christmas Trees from throughout Portland, OR.

The first image is my favorite tree in Portland. It’s at Jamison Square in the Pearl District.

The second one is of the giant Christmas Tree on Pioneer Courthouse Square in Downtown Portland.

The third is an image created at a private residence on Peacock Lane in SE Portland.

Where did the Christmas Tree come from?

The Christmas Tree tradition appears to have developed out of Europe during the Renaissance period as a result of the Christian influence over the local traditions. Protestant reformer Martin Luther is widely known to have been the first person to put candles on the tree. While Christian influence, with a strong German connection, developed the tree into what it is today, it is believed that many versions of the tree existed throughout the lands of Europe depending on exactly where one is from, including, but not limited to, the Georgian Chichilaki, the Polish Podłaźniczka (emanating out of an old Pagan Tradition), and Thor’s Oak in Scandinavia. “The use of evergreen trees, wreaths, and garlands to symbolize eternal life was a custom of the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, and Hebrews.” (Encyclopedia Britannica)

By the early 19th Century the various Royal Courts throughout Asia and Europe began adopting the tradition as it spread from Germany across the lands. The Christmas Tree wasn’t introduced into the Americas until 1781 when soldiers from Britain first put up a tree in the Provence of Quebec, Canada. Then, the tree came to the US through a woodcut print published in a book called Godey’s Lady’s Book.  According to Albert Lewis Shoemaker’s Christmas in Pennsylvania: 50th Anniversary Edition copied [the print] exactly, except for the removal of the Queen’s tiara and Prince Albert’s mustache, to remake the engraving into an American scene.” This is recognized as the first published decorated tree in the US. From there the rest is history.

To read more about the Christmas Tree check out Wikipedia, or Encyclopedia Britannica.

I just came across this video a Christmas Tree harvest by helicopter. It’s just simply amazing, I’m not quite sure what to think? I mean, I’ve seen giant Redwood tree being transported by helicopter from field to truck, but am stunned to see Christmas Trees done the same way. And, that’s one helluva Chopper pilot, to get every single bundle exactly into the truck every time. Simply Amazing! You should check it out –



Queen's Christmas tree at Windsor Castle 1848,...

Queen’s Christmas tree at Windsor Castle 1848, adapted for Godey’s Lady’s Book, December 1850 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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What do you Think of this Image?

Vince Ferguson - S - Digital Image

Vince Ferguson – S – Digital Image

I like the simplistic nature of this image. The soft, subtle form of the horizon, from one cool color to another. What do you think? Perhaps the shadowed trees add a bit of mystique to the image? I didn’t like this image at first, but kept it around anyway, probably listing to my intuition for once. When I was reviewing some old images I came across this one and thought, “maybe I do have something here?” Give me some constructive feedback on what you think about this image! Let me know what you think in the comments below. Or simply “like” this post.