Autumn Trees

I am absolutely bummed that not a single person has responded to my offer for creating Fall Portraits! Please see offer by visit this link – Lunchtime Photo Sessions. Well actually, one person responded saying it was a good idea, making it seem like she might be interested. I contacted her with more details but I never heard back regarding. I’m absolutely devastated about this missed opportunity, and the missed opportunity to work with others to find some great images during this Autumn Season. I mean, I absolutely love conducting photo sessions, but I seem to never get the opportunity.

Fact is, I’m not getting very much response at all regarding any of the blogs I post? I’m really trying to figure out where to go from here. Any feedback would be appreciated? I mean, here on WordPress, from other WordPress members, I receive a small number of likes on my posts, but nobody ever visits? The total number of visits to my blog on a daily basis averages around 10. The average number of “likes” I receive could be somewhere around twice that. And, nobody ever “Shares” my blog posts. I’m trying to figure out how one can like a post if they’ve never been there to see the post? Maybe WordPress isn’t the best place to facilitate a blog? I’m not sure? My blog just seems to have gotten lost in the WordPress fodder.

I’m convinced that I’m a fairly decent photographer, definitely not the best out there in the World, but aren’t I better than to be subjected to an average of 10 viewers per day? Any feedback that can be given that could shed some insight would be greatly appreciated. Would love to become a featured blog on WordPress, but I guess the chance of that happening are fairly slim?

Well, that’s my rant for the day! These days I’m outdoor finding images of Autumn. In my travels I’ve created some pretty interesting images of trees and leafs changing colors. Today I want to feature some trees I’ve come across. The images above are of a Paperbark Maple Tree, a Red Oak Tree, and a Birch Tree. Hope you enjoy, sorry for my rant, and please share.



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  1. I reached your blog through looking for something local to me here in the UK, I found it interesting and am surprised no-one has taken you up on your photo sessions, fear not, I find people today are very disinterested and even a lack of interest when it comes to talking, messages they are fine with but person to person no.
    After spending my whole working life as a TV Cameraman and a cinematographer in documentaries and a few movies, I am now retired but still do photography, especially our once a year, for two months, Carnival Parade`s both me and my wife photograph all 11 events, we do it documentary style, that is while everyone is on the move, we do get a lot of visitors but rarely do we get comments so, I really would not let it get you down, I know how you feel, it`s not you and it`s not WordPress.
    Enjoy `Your Photography` I honestly enjoyed looking through it, I have worked in the US on many occasions and I found people were not good at communicating and that includes other countries.
    Our web site is a wordpress site it costs us quite a lot of money to keep it going, but it gives us a lot of pleasure. We have had it since 2009, we have had a lot of visitors but not many comments.

    Take Care My Friend



    1. Thanks for your kind words Heiko! I really appreciate it. I guess it’s particularly frustrating when I’m at my local park and see other photographers out with clients taking pictures. Probably a little jealousy and what not? It just bums me out.

      I have other things going on with my pictures, but really enjoy doing the photo sessions, I like the interaction between me and the folks I’m photographing. I’d like that to happen more than it currently is. The Carnival Parade sounds like a really fun event to document.



      Thanks, I really appreciate your feedback and have fun taking pictures.


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