Winter Flowers

The Winter Cactus plant in my studio finally opened it’s first two flowers this year over the Winter Holidays. Sometimes called a Christmas Cactus, this beautiful flower is one of the rare flowers that blossoms over the winter months. I got to enjoy, and document, its beauty throughout it’s short life. Today’s post includes three images taken over a period of about 5 days. This little plant came from a cutting from a friend’s plant three or four years ago. I was able to grab two cuttings, and obviously this particular plant is doing pretty well. The other one I’m somewhat concerned about, since it seems to be a little sluggish in growing and hasn’t produced a flower yet. Perhaps next year? I’ll keep you posted.

This flower is also called the Thanksgiving Cactus and belongs in the Schlumbergera family of flowers. It’s native to Brazil and commonly grows among rocks in the shade, making them the perfect Winter house plant in the Northern Hemisphere. Some of these flowers in Brazil have been known to grow into a bush at tall as 4 feet! There’s a similar plant called the Easter Cactus, or Hatiora, the main difference being in the size of their stems.

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