Half off Special! Throughout January! $75 Photo Sessions and Prints!

I want to thank everyone who follows this Emerald Studio Photography!

I feel I had quite a successful first year and a half to this Emerald Studio Photography blog. I started this blog in June 2012, but to be honest, my efforts were only half-hearted until March 2013. It wasn’t until March that I started posting regularly – every week, and thought I was starting to figure things out? So, really, I reached the number of followers and views to this blog only in the 10 months since March. Many of you started following this blog in that 10 months. Since then, we’ve reach 107 followers, and over 12,000 views. In addition to these numbers, the Emerald Studio Photography Facebook page is currently at 106 followers, and @emeraldstudphot on Twitter is currently hovering around 125 followers. That’s a total of 338 followers for Emerald Studio Photography! Thank you very much!

I’m really not sure what a good number is in a typical year for a Photo Blog such as this, but I’d say that’s pretty good for a first year? What do you think?

I want to celebrate during the month of January 2014. So, I’m offering $75 11″ x 14″ matted prints of any image you find on this blog, with restrictions, see details below. Plus, for those followers in the Portland, Oregon Metro area, I’m offering $75 Photo Sessions. Regular 11″ x 14″ prints and Photo Session price is $150. That’s half off during the month of January! Plus, I will take referrals on Photo Sessions! Perhaps you know someone who is looking to have a photo session done? Refer them to me! I like kids and families too! I specialize in kids who require delicate needs.

Details for purchasing prints…

Prints will be 11″ x 14″ sized and matted, signed and numbered. I’m limiting numbered prints of each image to 50. You can review this blog simply by scrolling down, and showing older posts as necessary, or click the Archive Drop Down menu, by month, to the right. Prints will not include images under the Featured Artist or Photo Essay posts. Once you figure out what image you want printed, send me an email – kindmuse@gmail.com – to give me your order. I will provide details on how to pay. I take Paypal, credit/debit, and check. All checks will be subject to a 10 day approval period. After which I will mail you the matted prints. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery (in addition to 10 waiting period on checks), there will be a $10 shipping and handling fee for all mailed orders. For Portland Metro area orders, I can personally hand deliver all prints saving you the shipping and handling charge.

Details for Photo Sessions…

Regular price of photo sessions is $150. January 2014 rate is only $75. Photo Sessions can happen anywhere you’d like, indoor or outdoor, including in my home studio. The images above in this post were created in a photo session. Plus, you can see more by visiting my Portrait Portfolio page on this website/blog. Sessions can be indoor or outdoor. Some venues, like the Japanese Garden, Chinese Garden, or Rhododendron Garden require a photographers fee. That fee will be your responsibility and in addition to my $75 rate. Email me today – kindmuse@gmail.com – to learn more information.

Thank you again for being a follower of Emerald Studio Photography. My goal for 2014 is simply to double those numbers. So I want to be at 300 followers and 25,000 views.


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