Green Cannabis Bud

I brought my camera over to a friends house the other day and focused it on some new strains of Cannabis that he’s growing right now. Perhaps the most excited image in this collection would be the first one? It’s a strain he calls Black Hulk because it’s a cross between Black Afghani and Bruce Banner Cannabis strains. It’s extremely beautiful and he says has an awesome flavor profile when smoked. The rest of the strains I got to photograph include a Snowman strain and Northern Lights strain! I’m pretty proud of these images, probably has much as my friend is to have grow these plants. Check the images out below and let us know in the comments how you think about them?

The Noble Magnolia

I had such a good session on Saturday night, visiting Laurelhurst Park to find some images of flowers that might be blooming there. I just had to share these with you. I found over 30 good images, there are my favorite three. The Magnolia Tree is so spectacular this when it’s flowering, beautiful colors, odors, it’s simply amazing. I hope I’ve captured it’s nobility with some of these images? I went out during the magic hour, just before sunset. The Magnolia wasn’t the only thing blooming, just my favorite. I got some other images too, that I’ll more than likely be sharing in the coming weeks.

Laurelhurst Park has many different varieties of Magnolias. This is only what’s blooming so far. They are the early birds, and early they are. Although it is March now, maybe only a little¬† bit early? There will be more blooms coming up the near future. I’ll try and capture those as well. In the mean time, enjoy these for now. Be sure to share with your friends. Help me spread the word about this blog.



Colorful Poppy Stamens

There are so many different varieties of the Poppy flower, In a continuing effort to share some pretty amazing images of the Poppy, I wanted to present just a just a few different varieties. The main differences in these Poppies are pretty obvious, given the different colors of their stamens. I was fortunate to find different colored stamens, but with petals still the deep, dark red of many blood red poppy varieties.

Be sure to visit the other Poppy images on the Emerald Studio Photo Blog

Colorful Poppy Stamens

Perfectly Perfidious Poppies

Summertime Flowers, Pt. 2

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Will you Help me Identify These?

I need some help identifying these Spring Flowers.

The first one grows really close to the ground, it’s very tiny, despite it’s enormous size in this image. It appeared to be growing wild in a managed garden.

The second Maroon Flower is small in size also. Found in a garden, at the time this image was created it was about 8″ tall. There were multiples of this type of flower growing individually but in a bunch.

The third Spring Flower is a beautiful bush about 6 – 8 ft tall. At the time this image was created there were many of these colors flower coating the bush. Along with the green leaves, which is viewed in the image.

Any insight as to what kind of flowers these are, just type a response in the comment section.

Thanks, and Peace


Winter Flowers

The Winter Cactus plant in my studio finally opened it’s first two flowers this year over the Winter Holidays. Sometimes called a Christmas Cactus, this beautiful flower is one of the rare flowers that blossoms over the winter months. I got to enjoy, and document, its beauty throughout it’s short life. Today’s post includes three images taken over a period of about 5 days. This little plant came from a cutting from a friend’s plant three or four years ago. I was able to grab two cuttings, and obviously this particular plant is doing pretty well. The other one I’m somewhat concerned about, since it seems to be a little sluggish in growing and hasn’t produced a flower yet. Perhaps next year? I’ll keep you posted.

This flower is also called the Thanksgiving Cactus and belongs in the Schlumbergera family of flowers. It’s native to Brazil and commonly grows among rocks in the shade, making them the perfect Winter house plant in the Northern Hemisphere. Some of these flowers in Brazil have been known to grow into a bush at tall as 4 feet! There’s a similar plant called the Easter Cactus, or Hatiora, the main difference being in the size of their stems.

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