The Sun Rises in Portland

Here are some images I created at sunrise on January 6, 2014. I awoke early that morning, scrapped the ice of my truck and braved the iced roads on my way to Rocky Butte on the East Side of Portland, Oregon, where I-84 meets I-205. I was up at Rocky Butte the previous morning have some pretty exciting Panoramic images that I’ll share with you some day. Right now, I like the warmth that these two images bring forth, particularly the Mount Hood image. I lost my tripod that morning. My own fault! As I was leaving, I looked back up to the point at Rocky Butte and saw a beautiful Hawk sitting and hunting from the wall. I had to get a picture. Well, I set my tripod down somewhere to create those images, and in my excitement, when done, I headed back to my vehicle, got in, and left. Without ever thinking about the tripod until the next morning. I went back and searched, know it was going to be gone. My loss, I created these images without my tripod and am now in the market for a new one.

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