Cute Chickadees

In case you missed my previous posts this year regarding this wonderful bird. Here’s another opportunity to check them out. I had a couple opportunities to photograph Chickadees this past year, once at the Heron Haus Bed and Breakfast in Northwest Portland, and another time at Oswald West State Park on the Oregon Coast. Here are some leftover images that haven’t made it onto this blog yet. You can check out the other images by following the links provided above. I hope you like, please share with your friends and family.




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      1. You’re welcome 🙂 I’m just now getting into identifying small birds although now it’s winter and I’m not on my back deck as much. Hopefully some day I’ll get some shots like these.


      2. I love a good deck for photographing birds! One that I don’t have right now unfortunately. As you may know, photographing birds takes a lot of patience. It’s nice to have a good place to sit while one is being patient.


      3. I’ve noticed it’s definitely something that requires patience. Hopefully next year I can sit out there with my camera and capture some of the birds. There are so many here!


      4. hehe they are here all year round too but I’m too much of a cold wimp to go out there right now. And yes it is only in the high 50’s to low 60’s. That is a true California wimp! 😉


  1. It appears I may be wrong in the identification of these birds? The bird in the first image might be a White Crowned Sparrow? The other two images are more than likely Chickadees. Still, I’m calling the bird in the first image a chickadee since while I was photographing, she was making her very distinctive ‘Chickadee-dee-dee’ sound that Chickadees are know for.


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