The Black-capped Chickadee to be exact. This little garden bird can be found all over North America. It’s a very common bird found roaming around the backyard or garden just about everywhere. This little bird is the state bird for both Maine and Massachusetts. I found these guys bathing themselves in a rock fountain, in the back yard of the Heron Haus Bed and Breakfest in NW Portland.

The third image in this little collection is actually a close up cut out of the second image in this collection. While looking at these images at home after I found them, The second image in particular didn’t require a lot of touch up, but at one point while looking at it, I zoomed in to find the third image in this collection. I thought it was looking pretty cool – I went from a cool landscape image of a bird bathing into an abstract painting. The burred flapping wings add to this abstract nature.

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