Bees Love Purple Poppies

Most of the images of flowers that I find and create, believe it or not, I find simply by walking around my neighborhood in Portland, OR. I like to walk around different neighborhoods around town on occasion, but obviously my neighborhood gets more visits from my camera than many other neighborhoods. It’s just easier to go for a morning or evening walk within the neighborhood, then it is to get out to other neighborhoods, or even to flower farms, which I still like to do, but don’t get to do very often.

One of my favorite places to visit in my neighborhood is the Portland Nursery on SE Stark Street. Obviously, wouldn’t they usually have great flowers to find images of? In between the street and the parking lot, they’ve created a beautiful flower garden filled with many, many different varieties of flowers. That is where I found the images in today’s post. On this particular morning this one grouping of purple poppies was receiving a lot of attention from the local bees, so within about 10 minutes, I had so many images of flowers and bees, I didn’t know what to do with them. It was kind of overwhelming going through the images upon my return home. But go through them I did and found these images that I think are well deserved to be presented out to the public. What do you think? Like this post if you like the images and be sure to share with your friends and connections.

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