Portland Ferris Wheel

This is a cool progression of images that I wanted to share this week. These images are from the Portland Rose Festival held this past June on the Waterfront in downtown Portland, OR. The Rose Festival is a 3 week festival of roses that happens every year in June in the City of Roses. There are activities that celebrate this lovely flower that happen all over town. Including two parades, and City Fair, which is a carnival happening along the Willamette River. These images were discovered from the Eastbank Esplanade on the opposite side of the River from Downtown. They present the skyline in three different lighting situations, with the wheel various states of movement. The Morrison Bridge makes a prominent appearance in all three images. For some other cool images of this Ferris Wheel be sure to check out my previous post from May of this year in the Carnival Lights on and Off post. Then there’s also these posts from last year’s festival that’s still a cool post to check out – Wheel Keeps Turning and Vertigo.

I hope you like the images. Please be sure to share with your friends and connections.




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