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Columbia River Birds of Prey

It’s kind of funny. I was at the Eagle Sanctuary near Astoria, OR and saw no eagles. Was closer to the mouth of the Columbia River in Warrenton, OR and saw two, plus a falcon surrounded by a bunch of blackbirds.

The first image is of course a falcon. I’m not adept enough to identify the type of falcon, perhaps a Redtail? But if you look closely  in the branch to the left of the falcon, you’ll see the head of a little blackbird. This blackbird got it inside it’s head that it was going to bug the big bird of prey, 5 times it’s size. Probably because it’s nest was nearby? There were actually several blackbirds attacking, swooping, chirping and all kinds of pinching a fit while this falcon stopped by. Finally it had enough and gently flew off to another tree, blackbirds trailing behind.

The eagle is a male, I was told at the time I found this image. There was a younger fledgling sitting in this tree also. Which I guess is rear? But alas the fledgling got cropped out of this image. He couldn’t really be seen through the branches anyway.

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Clackamas River

Okay, so I was supposed to post this series of images last Summer, soon after I posted my Washougal River post from last year. But I got sidetracked and to be honest I didn’t think these images that I found out on the Clackamas River weren’t as spectacular? But I’ve decided to post anyway, since I haven’t posted at all this month, I wanted to get something out there.

The Clackamas River feeds into the Willamette River in Oregon City, after traversing out of the Cascade foothills Southeast of Portland, OR. It’s a beautiful river, but was probably once even more grand before Portland General Electric came in and built dams to provide power to the growing city to the North. The valley hasn’t been logged very much recently as compared to along Highway 26 out to the coast. It was logged long ago, and the second growth forest is coming in nicely. Hopefully they won’t log again for a long time to come.

I also wanted to say that I updated my last Feature Artist post featuring some commentary about the pieces I posted images of from the artist himself, Jan Shield. Check out the link and some great fine art.



Washougal River

Rumor has it the infamous airplane hijacker D.B Cooper landed in the Washougal River Basin after skydiving out of a Boeing 727 with a bagful of money during a thunderstorm way back in 1971. Many folks say he lived happily ever after, perhaps somewhere along the Washougal River? But then there are others who say he perished almost immediately after leaving the airplane. He was never located and the mystery still plagues the region like Big Foot.

The Washougal River Valley is an easy place to get lost, I’ve even been lost once along this river. That’s kind of a silly story, having to do with Google Maps, that I love to share, but perhaps I’ll save it for another post? This river valley is definitely beautiful, beginning it’s 33 mile course South of Mount St. Helens in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest and ending at the Columbia River just East of Portland, OR. While more development has recently shaped the valley it was still pretty rugged when I first moved to the region just 12 years ago. Washougal River Road is one of my favorite drives and I love to stop along the way to find some images.

The first image in this post is just a peaceful shot of the river meandering along the rocks and trees. The second image is another, but if you look closely there’s a small fish jumping out of the water very near the center of the image. I waited 45 minutes to get a better image, the fish were jumping like crazy on this day, but I could never find a better one. The third image is of a tributary along the River. Not sure what this creek is called, but it’s sure beautiful.

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The Falls of Elowah

The Elowah Waterfall is located in the Columbia River Gorge on the Oregon side. According to the book Romance of Waterfalls it’s got a Romance Rating of 7 out of 10. So, if you’re looking for a romantic place to take your date, this is it! It’s an easy hike too, not very long at all, less than 1 mile to get from parking along the freeway to the waterfall. To make it a little longer when you get to the falls and cross the bridge, keep going to trail #400, back down to the paved bike path along I-84, and walk back to the parking area beside the Freeway.

I’ve seen images of these falls with the water raging over the side, but on this Winter day that I went, the water flow seemed lackluster? Probably because we haven’t gotten that much rain so far during our Winter Season? That was somewhat disconcerting. My plan is to visit again sometime in the next month, and retake some of these same images to see what kind of change has taken place. It also might be a good idea to visit in the Autumn season to find an image after the trees have changed their color.

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Winter Waterfalls

The Wilson River cuts a path through the Coast Range Mountains, and the Tillamook Bay, toward the Pacific Ocean in Northern Oregon. This beautiful river is largely protected having been established as part of the Tillamook State Forest. Wilson River is one of five rivers that drain the Tillamook Valley on the Oregon Coast. Oregon State Highway 6 runs along side most of the Wilson River as you’re moving from Portland to Tillamook. There are many pull outs along the way for creating some pretty amazing photos. I was fortunate to traverse that path a couple times about a month ago. As you can tell from the images, I was just a little too late to catch the Autumn Color Transition. Still some pretty amazing waterfall images to enjoy of this the first day of Winter, 2014.

Happy Holidays, enjoy, and peace


Portland Ferris Wheel

This is a cool progression of images that I wanted to share this week. These images are from the Portland Rose Festival held this past June on the Waterfront in downtown Portland, OR. The Rose Festival is a 3 week festival of roses that happens every year in June in the City of Roses. There are activities that celebrate this lovely flower that happen all over town. Including two parades, and City Fair, which is a carnival happening along the Willamette River. These images were discovered from the Eastbank Esplanade on the opposite side of the River from Downtown. They present the skyline in three different lighting situations, with the wheel various states of movement. The Morrison Bridge makes a prominent appearance in all three images. For some other cool images of this Ferris Wheel be sure to check out my previous post from May of this year in the Carnival Lights on and Off post. Then there’s also these posts from last year’s festival that’s still a cool post to check out – Wheel Keeps Turning and Vertigo.

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Wheel Keeps Turning

The Rose Festival has been happening annually in Portland, OR for over 100 years. It’s a two week celebration of a flower that has probably made Portland famous. Complete with the Starlight Parade to start things off and the Grand Floral Parade to wrap things up. There are a lot of other events that happen throughout the city to celebrate this beautiful flower in connection with celebrating this flower including CityFair on the Tom McCall Waterfront Park along The Willamette river. The festival runs for approximately two weeks and CityFair presents a great opportunity for any photographer to develop their city skyline photo abilities.

This year, I missed a large part of the festival due to other commitments. I wasn’t even able to get down there to take pictures until the very end. Even at that, I came across a nephew who visited Portland at the last minute. I wanted to see him, but I also wanted to get at least a few images of the festival on the Waterfront. He was kind enough to accomodate my wanting to see him and take pictures.

We got to walk along the Waterfront and the Eastbank Esplanade so we can catch up while I was out creating images. Thanks to my nephew Joe for visiting, and all my nephew’s for serving in the US Coast Guard. I really appreciate the important work that you do. And, it was totally great to see you and catch up.

I think I’m going to have two posts with images from the festival. This current one and next week’s post.  I think I got some pretty outstanding images? Including these of the Ferris Wheel in the festival. A great example of creating images of the same thing at different exposure settings.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I had creating them. Let me know which image you like best by voting in the poll under the images.

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Morning at Catherine Creek

I left Portland in the 6 o’clock hour this morning. Heading out Interstate 84 just for about 45 miles, crossing the might Columbia River over the Bridge of the Gods. Another 30 minutes East and I’m at my destination. Catherine Creek at sunrise.

It was wet, but only a light raining was falling upon arrival. We checked our bags, and donned the rain gear. Catherine Creek is a cut ravine on the Northern, Washington side of the Columbia River. The creek itself is one of many draining the lower hills, through a modest Oak Tree forest and directly into the Columbia River. The forest is young, maybe about 50 years, There are a couple older oaks, but not very many. it appeared today that many evergreen trees in the ravine might be infected with some disorder? There seemed to be a lot dying? The sides of the trails were littered with Grass Widows, little purple flowers suspiciously looking like crocuses.

Here are a collection of images I brought back with me today, the color green in most of these images is my contribution to the spirit of the day. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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