Washougal River

Rumor has it the infamous airplane hijacker D.B Cooper landed in the Washougal River Basin after skydiving out of a Boeing 727 with a bagful of money during a thunderstorm way back in 1971. Many folks say he lived happily ever after, perhaps somewhere along the Washougal River? But then there are others who say he perished almost immediately after leaving the airplane. He was never located and the mystery still plagues the region like Big Foot.

The Washougal River Valley is an easy place to get lost, I’ve even been lost once along this river. That’s kind of a silly story, having to do with Google Maps, that I love to share, but perhaps I’ll save it for another post? This river valley is definitely beautiful, beginning it’s 33 mile course South of Mount St. Helens in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest and ending at the Columbia River just East of Portland, OR. While more development has recently shaped the valley it was still pretty rugged when I first moved to the region just 12 years ago. Washougal River Road is one of my favorite drives and I love to stop along the way to find some images.

The first image in this post is just a peaceful shot of the river meandering along the rocks and trees. The second image is another, but if you look closely there’s a small fish jumping out of the water very near the center of the image. I waited 45 minutes to get a better image, the fish were jumping like crazy on this day, but I could never find a better one. The third image is of a tributary along the River. Not sure what this creek is called, but it’s sure beautiful.

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