Ferris Wheel Lights

Allowing me to continue what’s become a yearly tradition now, the annual Portland Rose Festival took place last month here in the City of Roses. Here is this year’s installment of the annual Ferris Wheel post on this blog. Be sure to check out the post from year’s past to refresh your memory – Wheel Keeps Turning and Portland Ferris Wheel. But let’s not forget about the Vertigo post from two years ago.

This year’s installment is from a somewhat different perspective. It’s good to change and as such the festival setup required me to be on the lookout for new creative visions of the Ferris Wheel. I think I found it? What do you think? This year instead of placing the Ferris Wheel parallel with the Willamette River, they placed it perpendicular to the river. But as such it ended up being parallel to the Morrison Bridge. These images we created while standing on the bridge at dusk one evening. I usually don’t like standing on bridges, in fact I usually don’t like bridges at all, they vibrate and shake a lot. On one side of the Morrison Bridge, the sidewalk is barely wide enough to place my tripod on it. It’s particularly challenging when a pedestrian wants to get through.

Anyway, I think these are some pretty cool images. What do you think? Constructive Criticism is always welcome. Please remember to share.




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