The Rose Festival has been happening annually in Portland, OR for over 100 years. It’s a two week celebration of a flower that has probably made Portland famous. Complete with the Starlight Parade to start things off and the Grand Floral Parade to wrap things up. The CityFair on the Tom McCall Waterfront Park along The Willamette river runs for two weeks and presents a great opportunity for any photographer to develop their city skyline photo abilities.

I love the festival, I look forward to it every year. This year I was fortunate to have been able to get Downtown and create digital images this year. It’s been a fairly busy year.

I also had fun photographing this ride called Vertigo. I stumbled upon taking the images of this ride as I was standing on the Morison Bridge. I originally started taking pictures while on the Burnside Bridge. Then moved over to the Morrison on my way home. I wasn’t going to stop on the Morrison Bridge at first, but then decided to at least ride by and see what I can find.

This ride, Vertigo, was right next to the bridge while I was taking pictures of the festival goer’s and the other rides. At one point I “accidentally” pointed my camera up while the Vertigo ride was spinning and saw the opportunity for some great images. This is what I got. I now wish I’d have gone down to the base of this ride & pointed my camera directly up while it was spinning. Well, perhaps I can try that next time? My apologies if you’re getting dizzy while checking these images out. I hope you like them anyway, as always, comments and likes are appreciated.

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