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In an effort to promote my photography outside of the Fine Art, Outdoor, Nature Photography that I do, I want to begin featuring weekly, or perhaps bi-weekly, some of the art I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph for other artists. Up until now I have solely posted on this blog images that I have created in my own travels around town, and around Oregon/Washington.

So, I want to expand this blog by featuring some of these artists that I’ve photographed for, and hopefully create more exposure for them and their art, while giving you, oh humble viewer, an idea of the other types of photography that I like to create. I will continue to post every Saturday my own photography that I create in my own travels. And, on Tuesdays, I will create a post that features some of the artwork that I am fortunate enough to photograph for other artists.

If you’re an artist reading this and living in the Portland, Oregon Metro area, please feel free to contact me so I can help you create some great images of your own art. If you’re an art aficionado, and like what you see here, please feel free to check out the links to the featured artist home page, where you’ll see more spectacular art, and find information regarding how to contact that artist.

So, first up with today’s post, I want to feature some pretty outstanding pastel art created by Richard Laycock. I’m attaching to this post images of 5 pieces that I’ve photographed for Richard this past Spring. For more information about Richard, and to see more great art that he’s created please visit his website by clicking this link –  Richard Laycock Studio. Richard is also a member artist at the Portland Art Museum‘s Rental Sales Gallery where, in addition to buying, you can rent some of Richard’s art for one or two 3 month periods.

I hope you like what you’ve found here at the Emerald Studio Photo Blog today. If so, leave a comment below in the appropriate section, or Like this post. That will let me know that you want to see more of what you’re finding here at this photo blog.




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