Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

This week, my weekly post will be part of the WordPressWeekly Photo Challenge.” The theme this week is “companionable.” Those participating can submit images taken of those in our lives we consider companions.

This was easy for me…

I’d like you to meet my roommate Sinatra. He’s 17 years young and has lived with me for 15 of those years. Unfortunately Sinatra won’t be with me very much longer, since he’s old and not feeling very well most mornings. He’s been diagnosed with having Feline Hyper Thyroid Disease. But he’s had his day as a cat, has lived a very spoiled life, and has brought lots of joy into mine.

Sinatra’s been a great companion to me over the past 15 years. He’s turned a non-cat person into a cat person. I never really thought I’d have a cat in my life, but he certainly changed that. Unlike the stereo-type of cats, where they tend to tear everything up, he’s always been respectful of the stuff I keep in our place. He’s never torn up my bed, or sofa or other furniture. While at the same time he’s always very playful. Even seeming to force me to play with him at times, even when I don’t have time. In his time he’s been an excellent de-mouser, but has always had a passion for backyard birds, much to my consternation. I always encouraged him to help bring down the local mouse/rat population, but when it came to birds, he would always get a stern look of disappointment.

And he listens to me also. I was stunned one afternoon a few years back, I went up to the front door of the house I live in to check for mail. The actual “front” door to my unit is the back door to the house, but my mailbox is still at the front of the house. My neighbor’s little gray cat was sitting on the front porch when Sinatra and I showed up. She’s always been skittish of me, but more so of Sinatra, so she scrammed out of there upon seeing us. Sinatra attempted to make chase. I  quickly hissed at Sinatra, my way of informing him that he’s doing something I don’t want him to do, followed by saying “don’t even think about it.” He stopped dead in his tracks! I was stunned when I saw that, but more so, when he actually followed me back down to our place. Little grey cat forgotten, for now at least. That was definitely rewarded with special treats upon return to our place.

Anyhow, this is Sinatra. I hope you enjoyed this post. As always leave comments below, or rate the post at the top. I appreciate your checking this post out today.

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