Summertime Flowers, Pt. 2

As promised last week, here some of images of different colored poppies I found in a field nearby where I live.

I’ve always like California Poppies since they are recognized as a symbol for sleep, peace and death. “Sleep because of the opium extracted from them, and death because of the common blood-red color of the red poppy in particular.” For me personally, they represent abundance, because there’s always so many of them..

I’m probably a bigger fan of the Blood Red Poppies which are the flower used in Remembrance Day celebrations in Commonwealth Countries. The use of this particular flower in Remembrance Day celebrations comes from the fact that many World War I soldiers died in the Poppy fields of Flanders, Belgium. I like this particular flower because there’s just something about the vividness of the color.

I have to say, before this day, I’ve never noticed Pink Poppies, so was pleasantly surprised to find these beautiful flowers also.

There’s not much more to say about these flowers accept that I hope you like? Have I caught the natural beauty of these flowers? What do you think? Leave a comment below or rate this post at the link above. Thanks for your visit.

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Summertime Flowers, Pt. 2

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