Sweetpea Memorial

My friend’s cat, Sweetpea is moving into the next life. So, my friend Art called me over and told me to bring my camera. This page is a dedicated memorial for Sweetpea. These will more than likely be the last images created of this, arguably, wonderful cat. In a concerted effort to not live up to her namesake, Sweetpea is extremely finicky regarding whom she allows to touch her. If anyone other than Art, her room mate, approaches her, she let’s out a mean hiss, and attempts to scratch and attack. I have never been able to pet this little lady, and from what I hear, no one else has either. Fortunately I didn’t have to get close to her to create these images. Seventeen years old, she is suffering from Renal Failure and has refused to take her medication to make her life more comfortable. Please feel free to make your comments below to wish her well in her final transition.




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  1. May your friend have long memories of the good times with her, and may the sadness leave soon.


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