Mount Hood Memories

It seems I can’t resist finding a great image of Mount Hood. So present in the Northern Oregon horizon, One can see views of this pointy topped mountain from many different perspectives. These images I found at the Jonsrud Viewpoint in Sandy, Oregon. And I’m always on the lookout for that great perspective where ever I travel of the very present landmark. You can check out more great images of this majestic peak by looking at previous posts – Misty Mountain Morning, Mount Hood from Catherine Creek, and Mount Hood Sunrises.

The first image in this collection is a great image to viewing some of the major glaciers that exist on Mount Hood Western side. Visible from this side of the mountain are 3 of the 12 majors glaciers on Mount Hood. The 3 we can see on this side are the Sandy, Reid and Zigzag Glaciers. These glaciers lie almost exclusively above the 6000 ft elevation mark, which is the same elevation for the tree line on Mount Hood. For more great information about all the Mount Hood Glaciers check out the awesome Wikipedia article.

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