Mount Hood from Catherine Creek

The tallest mountain peak in Oregon is Mount Hood. This Guardian of the Columbia towers over the Columbia River Gorge as if protecting, and can be seen for many miles in every direction.

I visit Catherine Creek 2 – 3 times a year. I need to visit more often, and hopefully this year I can meet my rhetorical goal of once a month? Many times over the last few year, I’ve visited only to find clouds interfering with the view of Mount Hood. This time that definitely wasn’t the case. Interestingly too, it wasn’t windy. Usually on the drive through the Columbia Gorge, we see windsurfers and kiteboarders all over the place. On Sunday, Mar 23, 2014, them and the wind were eerily missing. I found some very spectacular landscape, as presented in this post. Plus, the Wildflower season has started, with a spectacular showing of Purple Grass Widows. Come back to visit on Friday this week, to check out those great images.

For more great images of Catherine Creek, check out these previous posts – Morning at Catherine Creek and Autumn in Catherine Creek.

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