Spring! A Special Welcome

Vince Ferguson - Yellow Dahlia - Digital Image
Vince Ferguson – Yellow Dahlia – Digital Image

If I Could Show You A Picture…

May joy in its constancy, bless and move throughout your life
and all of your relations.
May you know and feel with great presence and power
the amazing gift you are to this world.
May you see yourself through the lens of love,
in a similar fashion as those who appreciate you are seeing.

If I could show you a picture of who I see when I see you,
all would be witness to your reunion with that one you are,
overcoming you–your tears flowing to be
the brightest jewels adorning your form.

From having known you, I move on with greater awareness,
with greater love, more of my Self, a fullness,
a compassion for the aching heart seemingly “out there.”
All calling, the song of the little ones for that One.
The Song of One through all.

May you see with the greatest clarity, the truth of who you are.
With gratitude I send this to you, to all.

Poem Credit – Matisha ~ May, 2000


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