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Tulips, Tulips, and more Tulips

There’s just something about the challenge of photographing Tulips? While a good external profile image can be enjoyable. There’s just something about catching the light at the most appropriate moment and exploring inside the Tulip flower.

Here are three of my favorites from recently.

Plus, the different focus planes inside this flower can be a challenge. Just some of the different planes in these images include; the stamens, pistils, the tips of the petals, the base of the petals. I’ve found that I haven’t come across a good image as yet, when focusing on the tips of the petals?

Then you have the lighting. The inside of most Tulips can almost be cavernous, hence images from inside tend to be dark and not very compelling. But catch the flower at the perfect time of day, with the sun shining through? Hmm, The colors are amazing. But sometimes you can come away from the flower with a good image using a flash. The third image above can be found in this category.

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Oestre! The Goddess of Spring! Welcome back!

C Vincent Ferguson - Purple Easter Tulip - Digital Image

C Vincent Ferguson – Purple Easter Tulip – Digital Image

My gift to You

Oestre! The Goddess of Spring! Welcome back!

“It makes no difference who or what you are, old or young, black or white, pagan, Jew, or Christian,

I want to love you all and be loved by you all, and I mean to have your love.”

~Victoria Woodhull

2 Quote A



Grape Hyacinth

While riding my bike to work the other day I came across these Bluebell flowers growing in a little garden on at the top of a wall along the sidewalk. I remembered I had my camera with me and had a little bit of time so I stopped and found these images among others. Kind of cool, love the purple tones. Hyacinth flowers are all introduced to North America, some grow like weeds. They are more native to the Mediterranean area of the World, Northern Africa and Southern Europe. These flower add a little purple color to the early Spring flowers community.



Leap Year Daffodils

I’m not drawing any connection between the Daffodil flower and Leap Year! It’s just a leap year and these are the Daffodils I’ve see growing in my neighborhood so far. I wanted to put out a post on Feb. 29th and Daffodils are what I’ve been finding images of lately. They are pretty prevalent this year in the Pacific Northwest. The Daffodil is part of the Narcissus family of flowers and symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings. Happy Leap Year and enjoy the Daffodils!

I always think fondly of the William Wordsworth poem “I Wonder’d Lonely as a Cloud.”

“I wandered lonely as a cloud, That floats on high o’er vales and hills, When all at once I saw a crowd, A host, of golden daffodils; Beside the lake, beneath the trees, Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

“Continuous as the stars that shine, And twinkle on the milky way, They stretched in never-ending line, Along the margin of a bay: Ten thousand saw I at a glance, Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.

“The waves beside them danced; but they, Out-did the sparkling waves in glee: A poet could not but be gay, In such a jocund company: I gazed—and gazed—but little thought, What wealth the show to me had brought:

“For oft, when on my couch I lie, In vacant or in pensive mood, They flash upon that inward eye, Which is the bliss of solitude; And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils.”




The Color is #Yellow

The color is yellow!

We are now well into the Spring Flower growing season and wanted to share some images of yellow flowers with you this week. Here’s some images of a Balsam Root Bunch, Mustard Grass with Bee gathering pollen, and the ever beautiful Daffodil. All Spring flower, with the Daffodil being one of the early blossoms. But I think Mustard Grass can grow year long? This particular Mustard Grass image was found on a Winter Farm that was in full bloom.

I was surprised to see so much Balsam Root when I found this image. I was on an early hike at Catherine Creek in the Columbia River Gorge on the Washington side when I found it. On the side of the cliff, all the Balsam Root was growing in abundance. I thought it was a Summer bloom? But this particular spot was in the sun, and we haven’t gotten as much rain this year and we’d like, so maybe it was fooled? It sure looked beautiful though.

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My Birthday Present to You

C. Vincent Ferguson - Hellebore Squared - Digital Image

C. Vincent Ferguson – Hellebore Squared – Digital Image

Today, March 21, the first full day of Spring, the writer of this blog turns 50 years young! A full, half century on this beautiful Earth. I feel very fortunate to have made it this far.

I want to present to you a gift on this most auspicious occasion.

Also, I believe this blog post would satisfy this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge theme? That them being Fresh.



Photo Contest Winner – Magnolia

Vince Ferguson - Magnolia - Digital Image

Vince Ferguson – Magnolia – Digital Image

I’m way excited to announce that this image of a beautiful Magnolia flower just took first place this week in a little photo contest.

I work for a photography company called Lifetouch National School Studios creating high quality portraits of our youth in local schools. One of the perks of this job is that we get to enter our photography, both personal and work related, into company sponsored Photo Contests. This particular contest was sponsored by our local Region 8 here on the West Coast. Out of 50 images submitted, this image took first place. There were a lot of awesome images by many great photographers, in this contest, so I feel extremely lucky to have garnered this recognition. I want to express my thanks to Lifetouch for sponsoring this contest. I look forward to more opportunities in the future.

Stick around here at this blog, and visit some of the posts, for more great images to see. You can purchase prints for many of the images seen on this blog at my Viewbug page – Emerald Studio Photography.




It’s Earth Day 2014! Here’s my contribution, a presentation of leafs and flowers in bloom.

I think I’m going out on a limb with this #MyBeautifulEarth post? I have to admit, I don’t really see a lot of images of new leaflets or flower buds just at the budding stage of their development? Spring is in full bloom, and I’ve had my camera pointed toward many fresh, Spring blossoms, just starting out in their short life. Here are a sample of my favorite images of late.

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More Magnificent Magnolias

Here are more images of the Magnolia flower for your enjoyment.

I was in Salem, OR this past week and decided to walk around Willamette University to see what kind of flowers might be growing there right now. I found many! But here is my Magnolia collection that I wanted to share, on the tails of yesterday’s “Magnificent Magnolia Flower” post. The first image I believe is of the Yellow Bird variety of Magnolia. Please correct me if I’m wrong, I’m still learning my flowers.

There are fossilized specimens of plants relating to the Magnolia dating back 95 million years ago. The tree and flower pre-date bee’s. Originally having developed pollination to be carried out by beetles crawling on it’s tree. There are over 250 different species within the Magnolia family. Different varieties of the Magnolia tree can be found native throughout this lovely Earth.

That’s it for this week! I hope you like my Magnolia Flower presentation? There may be more to come in the following weeks, depends on what else I find on my travels around this great state. Please share this post with your friends and family. I’d really like to see more followers join this blog. So, become a follower today.

You can check out, and purchase prints, of these images, and many others, on my Viewbug profile  –Emerald Studio Photography



Magnificent Magnolia Flower

Here’s a nice little poem to celebrate this year’s opening of the magnificent Magnolia Tree. The first image in this posts is an image of a couple Magnolia Buds, nearly ready to blossom, but restrained from doing so because of ice, during a cold spell. I like the progression of these images from iced over flower buds to full flowering plant. To help celebrate the opening, here’s a cool little poem written by Hyesim…

Magnolia, the Lotus of Trees

Observing leaves: at first, I doubt they are persimmon—
looking at the blossoms, I doubt they are lotus.
How fortunate there are no fixed forms—
this tree has no comparison.

~Chin’gak Kuksa Hyesim (1178 – 1234) was the second Patriarch of the Korean Buddhist Chogye Order and the first Zen Master dedicated to poetry in Korea. This poem can be found translated in the book, Magnolia & Lotus: Selected Poems of Hyesim (Korean Voices Series)

Spring! A Special Welcome

Vince Ferguson - Yellow Dahlia - Digital Image

Vince Ferguson – Yellow Dahlia – Digital Image

If I Could Show You A Picture…

May joy in its constancy, bless and move throughout your life
and all of your relations.
May you know and feel with great presence and power
the amazing gift you are to this world.
May you see yourself through the lens of love,
in a similar fashion as those who appreciate you are seeing.

If I could show you a picture of who I see when I see you,
all would be witness to your reunion with that one you are,
overcoming you–your tears flowing to be
the brightest jewels adorning your form.

From having known you, I move on with greater awareness,
with greater love, more of my Self, a fullness,
a compassion for the aching heart seemingly “out there.”
All calling, the song of the little ones for that One.
The Song of One through all.

May you see with the greatest clarity, the truth of who you are.
With gratitude I send this to you, to all.

Poem Credit – Matisha ~ May, 2000

Happy Spring! Purple Crocus Madness

Happy Spring!

Here are some images of the beautiful Spring Crocus Flower that I’ve been fortunate to find so far this season. These beautiful but tiny flowers are part of the Iris family of flowers and are Native to Europe, North Africa, The Middle East and Asia. Crocus’ are used to make the spice Saffron. I did not know that until creating this post? First documented use for this rare spice comes from the island of Crete in the Mediterranean. Besides being one of the first Spring flowers, the crocus can grow in the Autumn as well.

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These see more awesome images visit my Viewbug gallery – Emerald Studio Photography



Spring Daffodil Coolness!

I’m fortunate in the work that I do, as a schools photographer, I get to travel around Northwest Oregon to different locations. Many times I remember my camera and am able to stop at various locations to find some images that I think might be interesting. This past week, while at a school I managed to find just such and image. I wanted to post them for you to enjoy. While loading my equipment into the school for my day of work. I saw some Daffodils in bloom against the front of the school. But there were only a couple in bloom. Then 6 hours later on what turned into a sunny afternoon, I was loading my equipment out of the school and back into my vehicle, I discovered these interesting looking Daffodils. I’m not sure what variety they are, but they sure are beautiful. If you’re in the know, please let me know. I think these are outstanding! Unfortunately, on this particular day, I forgot my regular camera, so I had to create these images with my phone. I think they are still pretty decent images.

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