The Color is #Yellow

The color is yellow!

We are now well into the Spring Flower growing season and wanted to share some images of yellow flowers with you this week. Here’s some images of a Balsam Root Bunch, Mustard Grass with Bee gathering pollen, and the ever beautiful Daffodil. All Spring flower, with the Daffodil being one of the early blossoms. But I think Mustard Grass can grow year long? This particular Mustard Grass image was found on a Winter Farm that was in full bloom.

I was surprised to see so much Balsam Root when I found this image. I was on an early hike at Catherine Creek in the Columbia River Gorge on the Washington side when I found it. On the side of the cliff, all the Balsam Root was growing in abundance. I thought it was a Summer bloom? But this particular spot was in the sun, and we haven’t gotten as much rain this year and we’d like, so maybe it was fooled? It sure looked beautiful though.

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