Misty Mountain Morning

I’m dipping back into my archives, since I can’t afford more memory, I have to go through my old images from years past, find the decent ones, publish them here and back up the others to my back up drive. This will free up space on my computer for new images. What this means to you, oh wonderful viewer, is that you’ll be seeing a lot of images that in the past I found not worthy of sharing at the point, but now… well, watch out. The first of this series are these misty morning images from January 1st, 2013. The first day of the year, last year. These were all created at Rocky Butte in Portland, Oregon. The first two are of Mount Hood, looking East from Rocky Butte. The last is Mount St. Helens looking North from the Butte.

I hope you like? Let me know if you don’t, I like constructive criticism! Leave a comment, or like and share this post with your friends and family.

For more great images of Mount Hood at sunrise, check out my previous post – Mount Hood Sunrises.

Images of Mount St. Helens at sunrise can be viewed at this post – Mount St Helens.

Come back next Weds for more great images from the archives. Friday, there will be more images of flowers.




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