Rhododendrons and Azaleas, oh My!

I discovered the Rhododendron when I first moved into the woods of extreme Northern California. The Azalea flower is in the same family as Rhododendron.

These bushes that grow in the Redwood Forests of NorCal are simply amazing. They aren’t limited to the Redwood Forests, this plant actually grows pretty hardily all over, but the area where the most diverse species of Rhododendron grow is in the Himalayan mountains in Asia. They grow as underbrush pretty much where ever there’s a forest, but particularly wet forests. The flowers that grow on the bush grow in clusters. Sometimes, it can be difficult to get a good photograph, but I think I may have here? What do you think. Leave a comment below, or like this post. Be sure to also share with your friends and connections. Come back next week for more great images of flower.

If you want to check out some inspirational flower – beautiful images of flowers along with a daily inspirational quote, check out this great blog here on WordPress – 2 Quote A Flower.




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