Wonderful White Tulips

In continuing last week’s post, celebrating the time of Tulips blossoming, I want to bring you some beautiful images of a few white tulips found near my home in SE Portland. Where as, the Red Tulip is symbolic of perfect love, Purple Tulips, royalty, yellow represents cheerful thoughts, The white tulips symbolizes forgiveness. With lent having recently passed and Easter 2014 behind us, perhaps its a good time to bring more forgiveness in our lives?

The Tulip is also the symbol for the 11th wedding anniversary, so if you’re coming up on your 11th anniversary, bring some tulips home for the love in your life. Plus, the velvety center is supposed to represent the lover’s heart darkened with passion. So with all this meaning of love and forgiveness coming from such a simple display of beauty, it’s no wonder that a bouquet of tulips brings nothing but elegance and grace into your environment.

For more information regarding the symbolic meaning of Tulips, visit this Teleflora page.

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