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Queensland Tulip

A couple weeks ago upon visiting my local Tulip flower farm, I decided to bring home a planter full of Tulip Queensland variety of flowers to photograph under my lights in the home studio. This week those Tulip Queensland flower are in full bloom and this is what I was able to capture of that group. I spent a morning creating images of these flowers from different perspectives, but mostly macro and closeup images. I also moved my lights around and experimented with different lighting situations. What I present here in this post are just some of the images I found during this session. They make for some pretty interesting macro images! What do you think?




Tulips, Tulips, and more Tulips

There’s just something about the challenge of photographing Tulips? While a good external profile image can be enjoyable. There’s just something about catching the light at the most appropriate moment and exploring inside the Tulip flower.

Here are three of my favorites from recently.

Plus, the different focus planes inside this flower can be a challenge. Just some of the different planes in these images include; the stamens, pistils, the tips of the petals, the base of the petals. I’ve found that I haven’t come across a good image as yet, when focusing on the tips of the petals?

Then you have the lighting. The inside of most Tulips can almost be cavernous, hence images from inside tend to be dark and not very compelling. But catch the flower at the perfect time of day, with the sun shining through? Hmm, The colors are amazing. But sometimes you can come away from the flower with a good image using a flash. The third image above can be found in this category.

Hope you enjoy? Share some color with a friend today.



Oestre! The Goddess of Spring! Welcome back!

C Vincent Ferguson - Purple Easter Tulip - Digital Image

C Vincent Ferguson – Purple Easter Tulip – Digital Image

My gift to You

Oestre! The Goddess of Spring! Welcome back!

“It makes no difference who or what you are, old or young, black or white, pagan, Jew, or Christian,

I want to love you all and be loved by you all, and I mean to have your love.”

~Victoria Woodhull

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White Tulip Poem

Vince Ferguson - White Tulip - Digital Image

Vince Ferguson – White Tulip – Digital Image

Our White Tulip

I hope you find yourself
though you may not be searching right now

I hope you feel well in your freedom
and it prospers over your wildest dreams

I hope someday you feel secure enough
to open up more and see the Truth that always was, is and will be

I hope you are brave enough
to someday see that life isn’t about giving up
and not letting it just pass you through

I hope we are lucky enough
to someday both find our white tulip

by SilentPleasure,

Wonderful White Tulips

In continuing last week’s post, celebrating the time of Tulips blossoming, I want to bring you some beautiful images of a few white tulips found near my home in SE Portland. Where as, the Red Tulip is symbolic of perfect love, Purple Tulips, royalty, yellow represents cheerful thoughts, The white tulips symbolizes forgiveness. With lent having recently passed and Easter 2014 behind us, perhaps its a good time to bring more forgiveness in our lives?

The Tulip is also the symbol for the 11th wedding anniversary, so if you’re coming up on your 11th anniversary, bring some tulips home for the love in your life. Plus, the velvety center is supposed to represent the lover’s heart darkened with passion. So with all this meaning of love and forgiveness coming from such a simple display of beauty, it’s no wonder that a bouquet of tulips brings nothing but elegance and grace into your environment.

For more information regarding the symbolic meaning of Tulips, visit this Teleflora page.

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